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Government will give 9,000 rupees every month, guarantee of regular income during retrenchment, post office’s Dhansu scheme


You can invest a maximum of Rs 15 lakh in the post office scheme.
Only up to Rs 9 lakh can be invested in a single account.
You can take maximum benefit by opening this account with your spouse.

New Delhi. The news of layoffs is being heard a lot in the country and the world. This situation forces us to think that there is no harm in keeping an alternate source of regular income ready. For this, it is not necessary that you start doing any other work by yourself, rather you can use the money kept with you. For this, you need to find such an investment option which guarantees you security along with a fixed income. Where else can this facility be found better than government schemes. The Monthly Pension Scheme (MIS) of the Post Office can help you completely in this.

After an announcement made by the Union Finance Minister in this year’s budget, the pension/income received under it has also increased. Now the investment limit has been increased almost double, due to which the income has also increased. What is this scheme and who can invest in it, further you will read all the details related to it.

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what is this scheme
One person can invest Rs 9 lakh in this post office scheme. Earlier this amount was only Rs 4.5 lakh. If you invest in a single account, you will get a monthly pension of Rs 5,325. Whereas, if you invest in a joint account, you can invest Rs 15 lakh and your monthly income will be Rs 8,875. Both the account holders will get equal share in this. You can start this with your spouse. Significantly, after 5 years of investment, you will start getting this income.

Who can invest
Any adult Indian citizen can invest in it. Even a child above 10 years can open this account in his/her name and after 5 years he/she will start getting regular income. The government is currently paying 7.1 percent interest on this. The most important thing is that the money invested in this scheme is not subject to market risks. So your money will be completely safe and you will get a fixed income for sure.

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