Wednesday, December 6th, 2023

Government is playing not only with the present but also with the future: Hooda – Presswire18

Chandigarh, 20 November (Trinew)

Former Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition Bhupendra Singh Hooda says that by continuously carrying out recruitment scams and increasing unemployment, BJP-JJP are playing not only with the present but also with the future of Haryana. The recruitment scams and policies of the government are being exposed again and again in the court. The latest example of this is the cancellation of veterinary surgeon recruitment and 75 percent reservation. Anyway, BJP-JJP had made changes in the rules of Haryana Domicile making 75 percent reservation zero.

This was just a phrase used among the public to gain political mileage. The issue of changing the domicile from 15 to 5 years was also raised in the Assembly. Now 75 percent reservation has not been accepted even in the court. Which was actually the intention to mislead the people of Haryana. With the cancellation of Veterinary Surgeon recruitment of 383 posts, it has once again become clear that only scams are taking place in the name of recruitment in this government. The government took an entire year to cancel this recruitment which was scheduled for December 2022. It was during that recruitment that large scale irregularities took place. In this, there were allegations ranging from paper leak to copying 24 questions exactly from an examination of 2017 in Maharashtra and wrong answers to 26 questions. Despite this, till now no action has been taken against anyone in the entire matter. The candidates had given the court the mobile numbers of 22 suspicious people, which were switched off two days before the paper was to be held. This makes it clear that the government itself is giving protection to those involved in recruitment scams.

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He said that even before this, scams had been seen in the recruitments from HCS and Naib Tehsildar to constable and clerk. More than 30 papers have been leaked in the last 9 years during this government. Countless cases of cash for job scams have come to light. Officials in the HPSC office were caught with lakhs of rupees and officials in the HSSC office were caught tampering with the results. But in no case did the investigation reach those in high positions and those in power.

Hooda said that there was no investigation into the members and chairman of HSSC and HPSC in any case. Whereas the Congress repeatedly raised demands from the streets to the Assembly that both the institutions should be dismissed with immediate effect and the entire matter should be investigated under the supervision of the sitting judge of the High Court. Along with those who sell jobs while sitting in offices, people in high positions who protect them should also be brought within the ambit of the law and action should be taken. If the government is not giving protection to scammers then why is it running away from impartial and high level investigation. Hooda said that the BJP-JJP’s 75 percent reservation drama was also exposed in the court.

Deepak Babaria met Venugopal

Congress’s Haryana affairs in-charge Deepak Babaria met the party’s national general secretary (organisation) KC Venugopal on Monday. His meeting is being linked to the formation of the organization. The formation of the organization in the state has been pending for a long time. The list of possible district presidents has been submitted by Deepak Babaria to the party leadership, but the leadership has not been able to take any decision on it. There is a tussle going on among the stalwarts of the state Congress regarding the state organization. At present, the party leadership is busy in the assembly elections of five states including Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan. Most of the senior leaders of the state Congress are also busy in election campaigning in these states.

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