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Got such a surprise at the wedding, the groom was taken aback, the bride standing nearby was also in awe!

After the wedding, the relatives of both the bride and groom come to bless both of them on the stage in the reception. Among these people, the friends of the couple also come to the ceremony and share their happiness (Funny Wedding Video). Many times these friends give such a gift in marriage or do something which becomes memorable forever. Something similar has also been seen in a video going viral on social media (Friend’s Prank Video in Wedding).

Usually, when the friends of the bride and groom arrive to congratulate them, they either bring a wonderful gift or play a prank that becomes the talk of the town on the wedding day. Something similar happened with a groom, when one of his/her friends arrived at the reception wearing a burqa instead of suit-boots and then the groom himself was shocked to see what happened and the bride was also shocked.

Friends are something else!
In the video going viral, the bride and groom can be seen on the stage taking wishes from the people. Meanwhile, among the people present there, a woman wearing a burqa is also seen, who is in a hurry. The surprising thing is that even her face is not visible from the burqa. She reaches straight to the stage throbbing and hugs the groom. The poor groom does not understand anything and starts looking here and there in panic. Even the new-bride gets uncomfortable seeing the style of their meeting. Only then the face of the burqa woman opens up and everyone laughs and laughs because there was not a girl inside but a friend of the groom.

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