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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024

Got a job abroad after a long struggle, the secret was revealed as soon as he stepped on the floor

IGI Airport Police: As soon as he heard the sound of knocking on the door, Salauddin’s face was filled with joy. Actually, this person standing at the door had such a thing in his hand, which was going to make Salauddin’s years old dream come true. Salauddin had a long-standing desire to go abroad and fulfill all the desires of his life by earning in dollars. After a long struggle, Salauddin not only got a job abroad, but now he also seemed to be fulfilling his dream.

Soon, the date came when Salauddin, who lives in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh, was deported from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport. Had to leave for Baku city of Azerbaijan. On March 3, 2024, Salauddin left for Baku from IGI Airport. But, as soon as he reached Baku, he came face to face with his past. Due to which, he did not even get a chance to exit Baku Airport and he was returned empty handed to IGI Airport on the very next flight.

The confession removed the curtain from all the things one by one.
As soon as he reached Delhi Airport, the Immigration Bureau officials detained Salauddin as per the documents and handed him over to the IGI Airport Police. The airport police has filed an IPC section against Salauddin. A case was registered under Section 420 and Section 12 of the Passport Act and he was arrested. after which, Salauddin’s confession started revealing many things one by one. A new name appeared in this confession and that name was Naseem.

After all, what was the reason for Salauddin’s deportation and arrest?
According to IGI Airport Police Deputy Commissioner Usha Ranganani, the State Immigration Service at Baku Airport found that Salauddin’s passport was tampered. Page numbers 17 and 18 were missing from his passport. on this basis he Was deported to IGI Airport from Baku city of Azerbaijan. Since any kind of tampering with passport is an illegal offence, Salauddin was taken into custody and interrogation was started. In which it was revealed that this tampering with the passport was done by Naseem.

Accused agent Naseem caught after 60 days of struggle
According to IGI Airport Police Deputy Commissioner Usha Ranganani, a team was formed under the leadership of Inspector Raj Kumar to arrest Naseem, which also included woman sub-inspector and head constable Vinod. At the same time, Salim went underground as soon as he came to know about Salauddin’s arrest. Despite several raids, he remained out of police custody. At the same time, through electronic intelligence, the police came to know that Salim was hiding in Bhawanipur Girjawala village of Bijnor, after which the police raided and arrested him.

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