Sunday, January 29th, 2023

Gori Nagori, who became homeless, said a stinging thing to Stan and Sajid, told who will be connected with 3

Rajasthani dancer and ‘Shakira of Haryana’ famous Gori Nagori is out of Bigg Boss season 16. He was evicted from home this week. At the same time, Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary and Sumbul Tauqeer Khan were secured due to getting more votes. Now Gori Nagori’s interviews have started as soon as she comes out of the house. She is speaking on the questions asked by media channels. In one such interview, Ghori has also reacted to his friendship with MC Stan and the Shiv Thackeray-Archana Gautam fight. What is said, read on.

Gori Nagori had a special conversation with ‘ETimes’. During this she said that she is no longer a friend of MC Stan. The rapper cheated on him. She said that she will not clear things from MC Stan. She now wants to see Stan’s real face. She says, ‘As a person is, so is his nature. I don’t need to clear anything from him. I have seen his real side. I know everything he said about me. People inside the house had warned me about MC and the way he was playing. He said that I always stand for him but he never takes my side. Then I started noticing all this and noticed that he never took my stand.

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Gori Nagori spoke on MC Stan
Gori Nagori said that she will neither befriend nor enmity with MC Stan. In the interview, she said, ‘I cannot be MC’s friend. I don’t want to be his friend or foe. I don’t want to have any relation with him. He cheated me the most and I didn’t expect that from him. If someone else does this, it doesn’t matter, but he did it, it’s sad. He was my friend. I always motivated him. cheered him up. I never provoked him against his own group.’

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Gori Nagori spoke on Sajid Khan
Gori Nagori also reacted to the question asked on Sajid Khan. He said, ‘Sajid Khan will support you only as long as you are working for his benefit. When you steal things for them and bring them, they will be happy. But when I took food from my own room, they accused me of stealing. He got chilly.

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Gori Nagori will be connected to these 3 contestants
Gori Nagori said that she will be connected to only three contestants of Bigg Boss 16. The first in this is Soundarya Sharma. Second Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary and third Archana Gautam. Whose group you are getting to see now. ‘I will not talk to anyone other than these three. I never switched groups. But when the time came and I felt that I needed to mingle with others, I started talking to everyone.

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Gori Nagori’s reaction in Archana-Shiva case
Gori Nagori also spoke openly about the fight between Archana Gautam and Shiv Thackeray during this time. He said, ‘According to me both Archana and Shiva are wrong. Archana committed violence which is against the rules. At the same time, Shiva also pointed a finger, in which there is no two opinion. Because of this Archana lost her cool and attacked in anger. So both are wrong.

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