Sunday, May 28th, 2023

Gold coins rained from the sky 2000 years ago! Archaeologists found ‘treasure’ in the field

An archaeologist has discovered an ancient hoard of Celtic coins that ‘must have been worth a lot’ in Brandenburg, a state in northeastern Germany. 41 gold coins were minted more than 2,000 years ago. It is the first known Celtic gold treasure in Brandenburg. This was announced in December 2021 by the Minister of Culture in Brandenburg. The coins are curved in shape which is influenced by their name ‘regenbogenschüsselchen’, which means ‘rainbow cup’.

Marjanko Pielik, a numismatic and research assistant at the Schloss Friedenstein Gotha Foundation’s Coin Cabinet, who studied the pile of coins, told Live Science that its name and shape are reminiscent of a famous story that there is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Rainbow cups are believed to be found where a rainbow touches the earth. He told that part of the stories is that rainbow cups fall straight from the sky.

Coins were found in the fields after the rain
They were considered lucky and healing things. It is likely that farmers often found ancient gold coins in their fields after rain that were free of dirt and shine. The coins were discovered by Wolfgang Herkat, a volunteer archaeologist at the Brandenburg State Heritage Management and Archaeological State Museum (BLDAM). After getting permission from the owner to investigate a local farm, he found something more shiny and gold.

Such a search is possible only once in a life
Pilic said that seeing it reminded him of the cap of a small wine bottle. Although it was a Celtic gold coin. After finding 10 coins they reported the discovery to BLDAM after which archaeologists found a total of 41 coins. Hurkt said that this is an extraordinary discovery that you can probably make only once in a lifetime.


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