Monday, March 20th, 2023

Glasses made from a packet of chips! The company did a unique job, people praised seeing such use of plastic

In today’s time, the use of plastic has become a common thing in the world, but the damage caused to the world due to plastic cannot even be estimated. One of the most important causes of pollution in the environment is plastic (How to use plastic safely) because it remains present in the environment for hundreds of years. In such a situation, it is polluting everything from water to air. Animals also die after eating it. But on the other hand, plastic is also a very useful product. It makes our everyday life easy. Then what to do? Is it right or wrong to use plastic?

It’s okay to use plastic responsibly. The proof of this is given by a company which is recycling plastic (Recycled plastic sunglasses) and using it to make glasses (sunglasses made from chips packet). Anish Malpani, a cofounder of this company named Ashaya, has recently shared a video on Twitter, in which it has been told how this company is doing miracles. The company has launched a range of sunglasses named Without in the market, the specialty of which is that they are made of plastic chips.

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