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Sunday, July 14th, 2024

Giving false bomb threat in flight will cost you heavily, BCAS said- the accused will not be able to travel in plane for 5 years

New Delhi: These days, there are many messages threatening to bomb planes. Which later turn out to be just a rumour but due to these fake threats, everyone from passengers to airport officials get troubled. In such a situation, now the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) has taken a big decision regarding these threats. BCAS DG Zulfiqar Hasan said on Tuesday that the increasing number of such incidents has forced the agency to take action against those found guilty in this case and the person giving such false threats will be put on the no-fly list for five years (he/she will not be able to travel by plane for five years).

6 people have been arrested

Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) DG Zulfikar Hasan said that on Tuesday too, a large number of threatening messages were received about explosives being hidden at airports. However, when all those messages were checked, they all turned out to be fake. Taking action against those who spoil the atmosphere by spreading false rumours, 6 people have been arrested across the country so far. DG Zulfikar Hasan said that investigations are on in other cases as well and more arrests will be made soon. he/she further said that due to the mischief of some people, flights take off late and this also causes a lot of trouble to the passengers.

2.5 lakh passengers travel from Delhi airport every day

Every day 1200 to 1300 national and international flights land and depart from Delhi airport. Apart from this, about 2.5 lakh passengers travel every day. In such a situation, a fake call troubles the airport security agencies. According to airport sources, 12 fake emails have been received from January 1 to June 17 about bombs in the plane. The accused who give information about bombs in the plane also give strange threats. They also threaten to blow up the plane if they are not allowed to talk to the Prime Minister of the country.

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