Sunday, June 4th, 2023

Girlfriend on rent! Singles increased in China, strange business is catching pace

Beijing : Recently, a Chinese newspaper reporter created a fake account on a girlfriend or boyfriend rental website. he/she showed that he/she wanted to hire a woman as his/her girlfriend. Soon a woman contacted the reporter on social media. She described herself as a 29 year old graduate woman. his/her daily fee was 1000 yuan i.e. 145 dollars. Apart from this, extra money had to be paid for any kind of travel or behavior. The woman said that the reporter would have to pay 20 yuan to see her photo.

The reporter agreed and after some time the women came to Nanjing in Jiangsu province to meet him/her as girlfriends. According to the South China Morning Post, the woman said she has a full-time job as a white-collar worker with a monthly salary of 5,000 yuan ($725). She said that she only acts as a ‘surrogate girlfriend’ in her spare time. Its demand usually increases during the holidays.

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Orders increase on holidays and festivals

The woman said, ‘Lunar New Year, May Day holiday, Dragon Boat Festival and National Day holiday are fully booked. The fare for those days is 2,500 yuan ($360). “Sometimes I get more than one order in a day,” he/she said. This has become common in China these days. Young people are forcibly sent on ‘blind dates’ by their parents or other family members. The woman said that if she is busy, she introduces her clients to other women.

fake wedding photos in demand

According to the report, the female customers are spread across the country and are on an average 30 years old. They are usually facing pressure from their families to get married. She told that most of the clients ask her to accompany them to meet their parents. Some ask her to take wedding pictures with them and some even ask her to be a fake bride. Some of the lady’s customers are also gay.

Show-off of ‘Girlfriend’ in front of the villagers

Some of her clients are unmarried men living in rural areas who hire her to prove to their villagers that they have a girlfriend. The woman said that her first rule is not to fall in love with her customers. She said, ‘I can hold his/her hand. If they pay decently, they can do ‘other things’ too. The reporter explained that by ‘other things’ the woman meant what and sex. The woman said that she would leave the industry after getting a boyfriend.

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