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Girl rejects love proposal, boy contracts case, asks for 18 crore damages

It is normal for a boy to give a love proposal and a girl to reject him. But in Singapore, a boy felt so bad for rejecting a love proposal that he filed a case against the girl. Even now he is demanding Rs 18 crore as compensation. He says that he is so broken due to rejecting the relationship that he could not handle his business for many days. Because of this he suffered a huge loss.

According to the report of South China Morning Post, Nora Tan Shu Mei and director K Kawshingan met in 2016 and became friends. But in 2020, there was a rift between the two over something and then their relationship soured. Cosigan is a director in a drone company. Nora says that they were just friends but Kosigan started loving her unilaterally. One day he came and called me to meet. When I reached, he proposed. Initially I explained but later I refused to be girlfriend. After this he went into depression. Because of which Cosigan had to lose five business partnerships.

The matter reached the High Court
According to reports, Kosigan was so upset that he filed a court case against Nora Tan Shu and demanded Rs 13 lakh as damages. However, the court rejected his case and reprimanded him fiercely. Despite this, he did not give up. Filed a case in the High Court and this time he asked for a compensation of Rs 18 crore. In court, he alleged that he was mentally tortured by the behavior of Nora Tan Shu May. He has suffered a lot. He is not able to sleep whole night. He is suffering a lot.

reached Nora’s office, home
On the other hand, Nora says that in February 2022, Cosigan had reached her house. When she asked him to leave, he started shouting. Even talked to the neighbors. Reached my office as well and told this to the people there too. He is constantly following me. I am more upset than that. Nora has also filed a case against Cossinggan and has sought a compensation of Rs 90,000. Nora said that she had installed many security related equipment, for which she should get compensation. At present, the Singapore High Court will now hear the matter on 9 February.

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