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Get ready! Biker Priyanka Kochhar is testing the ‘No Shake Cam’ feature of the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

Samsung Camp is always in news with its latest launches. Also, with its new launches, the way we work has also changed. When people have to do multiple things to multitask at the same time, Samsung has improved its smartphone features so that they can fit well in people’s lifestyle. And who can explain these efforts better than the Galaxy A53 5G’s ‘No Shake Cam’ feature that allows you the freedom to #AmpYourAwesome better with every click. This excellent camera from Samsung has been designed in such a way that it captures every moment of us while exploring or traveling.

Some of our favorite social stars took part in testing the ‘No Shake Cam’ feature of the Galaxy A53 5G. It all started when Samsung gave them its latest Galaxy A53 5G smartphone which comes with No Shake Cam feature. It’s a feature we’ve all been waiting for but is it really as good as it is being talked about? If we look at the decisions so far, it is positive.

The journey of testing No Shake Cam was started by Raghav Juyal aka Crockroaxz, the king of slow-motion, who was impressed. After this, now someone is going to test this feature which will make it very interesting to test. Who want to know? This is your favorite biker Priyanka Kochhar.

Can a biker be steady?
Priyanka Kochhar vs ‘bikewithgirl’ is the source of energy who has driven the most powerful bikes and superbikes. Let their racing journey fill anyone with excitement. Considering that she is always on the fast lane and adventure, how will the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G ‘No Shake Cam’ perform on her rides? For as long as we can imagine, Priyanka has tested the power of the Galaxy A53 5G and proved that it is one of those devices that captures truly shake-free videos and pictures. Want to know how? Watch how Priyanka tested the No Shake Cam feature on the beautiful ride of the hills.

We know that there is bound to be a lot of shake and blur on the camera in the hills and on the roads there. Priyanka proved to us that this is not the case with the Galaxy A53 5G that comes with the ‘No Shake Cam’ feature. How? Will this be coming to your mind? Let us take you on the journey of Priyanka.

To test out ‘No Shake Cam,’ Priyanka took a solo ride on her motorbike. The ride featured beautiful spots where he took some great shots and videos. She was surprised to see the results. The Galaxy A53 5G comes with an optical image stabilization mechanism that has sensors that detect hand shake while clicking photos. Upon detecting movement, the OIS feature pushes the lens in the opposite direction to provide blur-free pictures and videos. In this way, Priyanka captured the best pictures and sharp videos while staying steady.

Along the way, she went through many such roads which were rough and the ‘No Shake Cam’ of Galaxy A53 5G also faced splashes while passing through the same paths. The IP67 present in the smartphone makes it dust and water-resistant. Cleaned the lens once and Priyanka is again ready to take an action ride with the Galaxy A53 5G.

The sun was about to set when Priyanka ended her fun ride with No Shake Cam and to celebrate it one last time in the true sense, she captured the beautiful view in front of her. It would go too short to say that those shots were amazing. Despite the low-light condition, the camera performed well and took breathtaking shots.

At present, one of the top smartphones in Samsung’s mid-range, Galaxy A53 5G has many other great features that will keep you happy with this performer.

best camera
Where No Shake Cam has already redefined the power of the camera. At the same time, the device comes with a multi-lens camera system. It comes with 64MP OIS primary camera, 12MP ultra wide camera, 5MP depth camera and 32MP front camera. Along with this, it also comes with AI Image Enhancer which will automatically enhance your photos. Apart from this, the bokeh effects and dual lenses help in taking even better pictures.

Fast and Smart Processor
The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is truly a marvel. It has a 5nm octa-core processor. And with RAM Plus, it gets up to 16GB of RAM. You can work by taking your task to a different level.

Stay charged while scrolling on the smoothest screen
In terms of screen, it sports a 120Hz Super AMOLED display with 84.5% screen-to-body ratio. Work, play and binge-watch together on this stunning screen. With all this, a large 5000mAh battery has been given which gives you more time for gaming, sharing. If the charging slows down, you can quickly charge the Galaxy with up to 25W of super-fast charging and enable adaptive power saving to increase the overall performance of the battery.

Adding to all this, the Galaxy A53 5G is a smartphone that you may not have experienced before. And Priyanka’s Journey is proof that No Shake Cam is a great feature. Even on the rough roads, this smartphone gave full support to Priyanka. From sharp photos to videos, the phone supported Priyanka in the entire journey. His journey proves that there is no other such device for the present generation which is always on the move.

Now this journey ends here and someone else will test this feature. Stay tuned, as No Shake Cam will be tested once again to determine its true potential. Let us tell you, the next test is also going to be as exciting as this test.

If this whole action makes you too excited to use the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G, then get ready by clicking here.

Disclaimer: The article has been produced on behalf of Samsung by the Times Internet’s Spotlight team.

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