Monday, March 27th, 2023

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will visit India, will hold bilateral talks with PM Modi

German Chancellor India Visit: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz may soon visit India. German Ambassador to India Philipp Ackermann said that German Ambassador Philipp Ackermann said in an event that the German Chancellor has plans to visit India where he will hold bilateral talks with PM Modi.

Philipp Ackermann said that Prime Minister Modi has visited Germany twice, so Olaf has also decided to visit India, India is a wonderful place, I would say that he will have to visit India for the third time as well.

What did German Ambassador Philipp Ackermann say?
On November 30 last year, Philipp Ackermann had said that I think I would like to say that Chancellor Olaf Scholz is planning a bilateral visit to India next year, during which we will discuss many issues with him.

PM Modi met Olaf Scholz last year when the two leaders met each other during the G20 Summit in Bali, Indonesia. The two leaders discussed ways to boost economic ties, defense cooperation and other important issues. The G20 meeting was the third meeting between Chancellor Scholz and PM Modi in 2022.

PM Modi went on a tour of Berlin
PM Modi visited Berlin on May 2 last year for the 6th Indo-German Inter-State Consultations, following which he visited Schloss Elmau in Germany for the G7 Summit at the invitation of Chancellor Scholz. Was.

How old are India-Germany diplomatic relations?
Bilateral relations between India and Germany are founded on democratic principles and a high degree of trust. It was one of the countries to establish diplomatic relations with the Federal Republic of Germany after World War II. There was a significant increase in relations between the two countries during the Cold War.

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