Monday, February 26th, 2024

Garlic price hike | New garlic is ready to come in the market, know when and by how much the price will reduce. Presswire18 (Presswire18)


  • Garlic prices continue to rise
  • Prices will decrease as soon as the new crop arrives

Garlic price hike: Along with onion, garlic also started making me cry. The Central Government has put a stop to the rising price of onion by stopping its export, but onion producing farmers are still crying. The price of garlic had also skyrocketed along with onion, but its prices did not come down along with onion, rather they have now reached the seventh sky. Garlic has disappeared from the kitchen of the common people. It is on the verge of extinction from the kitchens of the middle class. The price of garlic has reached Rs 3000 per ten kg in Nashik market. The price of one kg garlic in the retail market has reached Rs 450 to Rs 500. Experts believe that the garlic of the new crop will soon hit the market and the public will soon get relief from the increased price of garlic, but for this they will have to wait for a month.

Garlic Price will decline

Every day 14 to 15 trucks are being imported into the markets.

As per the demand, due to less import, the price of 10 kg garlic in the market has increased from Rs 1500 to Rs 3000. It is getting even more expensive in the retail market. This price increase is causing problems to the customers and garlic has disappeared from the kitchen. Every day 14 to 15 trucks from Neemuch, Mandsaur, Javra, Pitaulia, Indore parts of Madhya Pradesh are entering the markets here.

Unseasonal rain caused damage

Garlic season has been delayed this year due to last year’s cold as well as the long summer. Meanwhile, garlic production has also been affected due to unseasonal rains. Garlic crop has also suffered damage due to unseasonal rains. Instead of throwing away garlic in case it gets spoiled in the future, farmers have started taking advantage of the higher rates. For this, raw garlic is being extracted on a large scale and is being sent to the market. Therefore, at the beginning of the new season, low quality garlic is also coming to the market in large quantities. On this, the sellers said that many customers are returning just after asking the price of garlic.

Garlic Price hike

The price will decrease with the arrival of the new crop (Garlic Price will decline with new Crop)

It will take more than a month for the new crop of garlic to reach the market, by then the prices of garlic may increase further. Experts believe that the price of garlic will fall with the arrival of Nai Faasa, but still it will take about three months for it to reach normal prices. With the arrival of the new crop, garlic can reach Rs 100 per kg in the retail market. In such a situation, it can be said that onion has stopped making you cry but garlic will make you cry for a few more days. Anyway, the public is eagerly waiting for the return of garlic to the kitchen.

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