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Saturday, July 20th, 2024

From ‘Kota Factory 3’ to ‘Bad Cop’, 10 web series-films full of romance-action will hit the screens this week

OTT was quite buzzing last week. Many films and web series were released including Avneet Kaur and Sunny Singh’s ‘Love Ki Arranged Marriage’, ‘Ultraman: Rising’, ‘The Boys Season 4’. Aamir Khan’s son Junaid’s first film ‘Maharaj’ was also going to be released, but there is a controversy over it and its release has been banned for the time being. Anyway. This week too, there is going to be a blast on Jio Cinema and Prime Video. From the new season of Jeetu Bhaiya’s ‘Kota Factory’ to the suspense-thriller-filled ‘Bad Cop’, everything is going to entertain you. Read this report.

1. Kota Factory Season 3

Everyone’s favourite teacher Jeetu Bhaiya aka Jitendra Kumar is back once again and is going to help the troubled kids get through. The story is about a boy named Vaibhav (Mayur More) who goes from Itarsi to Kota to prepare for IIT admission, but this journey is not easy. A new world, challenges at every step, from food and water to the struggle to get admission in a famous coaching institute. After two successful seasons, now in the third season, apart from Jitendra and Mayur, Ranjan Raj, Alam Khan, Ahsaas Channa, Revathi Pillai and Urvi Singh will be seen.
Release date- 20 June 2024
Where to watch- Netlix

2. House of the Dragon Season 2

In ‘House of the Dragon Season 2’, the ongoing struggle for power will be seen increasing. Stars like Emma D Arcy, Matt Smith and Gayle Rankin have done strong acting in it. If ‘Game of Thrones’ is on your favourite list, then you should not miss it at all.
Release date- 17 June 2024
Where to watch- Jio Cinema

3. Klex Academy

The story will take you to a different colourful world where many secrets are hidden. It has animation as well as many heart touching scenes. If you want to watch something full of fantasy after ‘Harry Potter’ then watch it on Netflix today.

Release date- 19 June 2024
Where to watch- Netflix

4. Federer: The Twelve Final Days

If you are a fan of tennis star Roger Federer, then you should not miss this Prime Video documentary. his/her amazing career has been presented very well in this. There is also a glimpse of his/her retirement in this, which will bring tears to the eyes of the fans.
Release date- 20 June 2024
Where to watch- Prime Video

5. Bad Cops

Want to see Anurag Kashyap as a villain? It stars Gulshan Devaiah, Harleen Sethi and Anupam K Sinha in lead roles. The story is about a hero and a villain. The situation gets even more complicated with the arrival of Karan’s lookalike Arjun in this suspense-filled show.
Release date- 21 June 2024
Where to watch- Disney Plus Hotstar

6. Code Geass: Rose of the Recapture

‘Code Geass: Rogue of the Recapture’ is an action-packed animation show. The story is about two brothers, Rose and Ash. It has such scenes that you will get goosebumps after watching them. You can watch it with English subtitles.
Release date- 21 June 2024
Where to watch- Disney+ Hotstar

7. Gangs of Galicia

This is a Spanish thriller. After the mysterious death of her father, experienced lawyer Ana moves to another city. Her goal is to uncover the truth behind her father’s death. On this path, she discovers many things that she does not expect at all.
Release date- 21 June 2024
Where to watch- Netflix

8. Trigger warnings

‘Trigger Warning’ is an action thriller starring Jessica Alba in the lead role. She plays a special forces commando named Parker. After the sudden death of her father, she is forced to return to her hometown and take charge of her father’s bar there. But a lot more happens to her, which will shock you.
Release date- 21 June 2024
Where to watch- Netflix

9. The Bear Season 3

It stars Jeremy Allen White. he/she plays a man who tries to turn a beer shop into a restaurant but faces a lot of ups and downs.
Release date- 21 June 2024
Where to watch- Disney Plus Hotstar

10. Increasing influence

This week’s list of animation shows/movies also includes the name of ‘Rising Impact’. The story is about a baseball game, but Nakaba Suzuki’s life changes when he/she meets professional golfer Kiria Nishino.
Release date- 22 June 2024
Where to watch – Netflix

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