Tuesday, December 5th, 2023

Friendship with Dragon became ‘bankrupt’ pauper Pakistan, know why great news for India

Islamabad: Pakistan is continuously increasing on the verge of default. The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shehbaz Sharif may not agree, but the country’s Defense Minister has openly said that the country facing cash crunch has become bankrupt. he/she also said that Pakistan has defaulted and there is a fear that the International Monetary Fund may not get a loan of $ 7 billion. The Pakistani Defense Minister has not made this assertion without any reason. Pakistan has only $3 billion in foreign exchange reserves left and this money is also given from China and Saudi Arabia. Experts say that Pakistan’s bankruptcy in this way is good news for India. Let’s understand…

Experts say that the biggest threat to India is the nefarious nexus between the army of China and Pakistan on the Indian border. he/she says that the link between the two has now weakened and the reason for this is that Pakistan is on the verge of default and China does not seem willing to give a bailout package to its ‘Iron Brother’. he/she says that the relationship between the two countries can get worse when the IMF asks Pakistan to restructure the debt it has taken from China.

Pakistan’s pauper, big opportunity for India

According to experts, there is little chance that China will be ready to restructure its debt. he/she said that bad relations with China and economic distress would deter Pakistan from waging a costly war with India. Earlier, Pakistan used to adopt this strategy to keep India on target by increasing friendship with China’s army. The commanders of the Indian Army have been planning for the last several decades to deal with China, Pakistan and terrorism on two and a half fronts.

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Indian Army can get relief from Pakistan’s bankruptcy and bad relations with China. China took several months to restructure the defaulted Sri Lankan debt. Now the IMF has indicated that it will also ask Pakistan to restructure its foreign debts. Experts say that if Pakistan pleads for such relief, China will not readily agree to it. China has a loan of about $ 40 billion on Pakistan, which is about 30 percent of its total debt.

China’s CPEC may be locked

China agreed to restructure Sri Lanka’s debt when India brought the dragon under pressure by giving assurances to the IMF. After this somehow China agreed with the conditions to restructure the debt. Meanwhile, America is also constantly putting pressure on Pakistan to restructure the debt from China. America is not happy with Pakistan’s ongoing energy cooperation with Iran. China has given a loan of billions of dollars to beggar Pakistan in the name of CPEC project. China is building a strategic road in PoK, which India has strongly opposed.

The people of Pakistan are not getting any benefit from all these projects. Pakistan has to return one and a half billion dollars to China in a few months but it is not able to do so. In such a situation, a question mark has now been put on the future of the entire CPEC project. Experts also say that China may now look for an alternative route to reach the Indian Ocean.

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