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French actress made hostage in her own house, forced to live in darkness without electricity and water

The recent incident with French famous actress Marianne Borgo has shocked everyone. Borgo, 75, has said that he has been taken hostage in his Goa home. But the police is avoiding this matter by calling it a civil matter.


  • French actress held hostage in her own house
  • Marian Borgo is forced to live in the dark after cutting off electricity and water connections
  • Marian Borgo imprisoned in her Goa home
A 75-year-old French actress Marianne Borgo has alleged that she has been confined at her home in North Goa’s Calangute since the beginning of this week over a property dispute and finds herself in a dangerous situation. The Goa Police has refrained from interfering in the matter, saying that the dispute relating to the house is civil in nature and is being heard by a court.

In a video released to the media on Thursday, actress Marianne Borgo claimed she is in a “scary and dangerous condition” at her home in Calangute, a beach town near Panaji that is popular with tourists. He said that people claiming his property have cut off electricity and water connections to his house and he is forced to live in the dark. He alleged that he was being kept under house arrest for the last three days.

lawyer has died

Borgo said he bought the house for happiness, peace and retirement, but the last few days have been terrifying. One of Borgo’s friends said the seventy-year-old actress had filed a case for an injunction in the trial court to support her legal claim on the house, which she had bought in 2008 from Francisco Sousa, a lawyer who has since died. Is.

only the maid is allowed to come

He said that the main gate of the house has been locked and no one is being allowed to enter the house except the maid. His lawyer, Benny Nazareth, said the case is sub judice and pending before the civil court in Mapusa city. Meanwhile, the Calangute police have said that they have a limited role to play in the matter as the court is hearing it. Inspector Dattaguru Sawant of Calangute police station said, “Whenever he (Borgo) has called for help, police teams have reached the spot. But the police have no role to play in this matter, which is essentially civil in nature.

marian borgo movies

Trained at the Paris-based Center d’Arte Dramatique and the Conservatoire National d’Art Dramatique (National Academy of Dramatic Arts), Borgo has worked extensively in films, television and theater in Europe and India. Her credits include ‘The Bourne Identity’, ‘A Little Princess’ and the Franco-American rom-com/drama ‘Le Divorce’ with Kate Hudson, Glenn Close and Stephen Fry. She has also worked in the French thriller series ‘Profilage’.

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