Sunday, March 26th, 2023

France, Russia, Israel… Competition to offer state-of-the-art weapons to India, what will happen to China-Pakistan?

India is getting offers to buy state-of-the-art weapons from many countries of the world amid the ongoing tension with China and Pakistan. French Defense Minister Florence Parly, who arrived in India on a two-day visit, has publicly announced that her country is ready to supply additional Rafale fighter jets if needed. There is also a possibility that France has also offered Barracuda class nuclear submarines to India under the Make in India Initiative. At the same time, Russian Ambassador to India Nikolay Kudashev has said on the question of S-500 offer that Russia’s latest military technologies are always open to India. Israel has also been continuously offering its advanced weapons to India.

France ready to provide additional Rafale fighter jets
French Defense Minister Florence Parly said in New Delhi on Friday that her country is ready to provide additional Rafale fighter jets to India if required. He also said that the use of the same type of aircraft in the air forces of two strategic partners shows the real asset and strength of their relationship. Despite the Kovid-19 epidemic, France has supplied 33 Rafale fighter jets to India on time. India had signed a deal with France in September 2016 for 36 Rafale fighter jets for about Rs 59 thousand crore.

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Barracuda class nuclear submarines also offered
The Barracuda class nuclear submarines could be India’s most significant offering in terms of military equipment. Through these submarines, the Indian Navy can further increase its capability in the Indian Ocean. Not only this, the rapidly growing interest of China in this area can also be effectively countered. For any country, nuclear submarine technology is considered the crown of its military capability. In such a situation, if France offers to make these submarines in India under technology transfer, then it will not be easy for India to turn it down. The Barracuda-class nuclear submarines can go deeper than 350 meters in the ocean. Not only this, these submarines can also attack with different types of missiles and torpedoes.

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Russia to offer S-500 missile system to India
Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov made a statement a few days ago that his country can offer India the state-of-the-art S-500 ‘Promotei’ air defense system. This statement of the Deputy PM of Russia has come at a time when India has started getting Russian S-400 missile defense systems. Russian Ambassador to India Nikolay Kudashev was asked about this statement, he said that our latest military technologies are always open to you (India). The S-500 missile system is the world’s most advanced and powerful anti-air defense system. It can not only detect stealth targets, but is also capable of shooting down satellites in space.

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Israel preparing to offer Scorpius system as well
Israel is also preparing to offer the Scorpius Electronic Warfare System to India. This system is so powerful that it can stop enemy UAVs (drones), fighter planes, radars, missiles and communication in an instant. Scorpius scans the entire surrounding area to locate the target. The system also quickly detects state-of-the-art threats such as the electromagnetic spectrum. Not only this, the system effectively disrupts the operation of electromagnetic systems including radar, electronic sensors, navigation and data communication. The Scorpius has phenomenal receiver sensitivity and communication power. Which makes it more powerful than earlier models and capable of detecting multiple threats.

Israel offers Sea Breaker missile to India
Israel has offered the fifth generation Sea Breaker missile to India. This super-destructive missile has been made by the Israeli weapons manufacturer Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. This missile can be fired from sea or land, which is capable of destroying the enemy at a range of 300 km. Sea Breaker is the fifth generation long-range, autonomous precision guided missile system. This missile can increase the capability of any country’s navy and artillery manifold. It can be fired from any military base on the ground or from a warship. This Israeli company runs a joint venture in India with the Kalyani Group. It is known as Kalyani Rafale Advanced Systems (KRAS).


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