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Found and killed his lookalike on Instagram, know the story of the murder


Murder: A murder case in Germany has shocked everyone. Where a 23-year-old girl is accused of finding her lookalike on social media and killing her to pretend her death. Actually, to carry out the plan, the girl first created a fake Instagram account. Then searched for his lookalike for months, befriended him and then attacked his face with knives more than 50 times.

This story may seem filmy to you, but in reality it has happened. Actually, this has happened in Germany. In this case, the German police has given the name ‘The Doppelganger Murder’. This matter is of August 16 last year, which has now come to the fore. Police say that the name of the girl who murdered her look-alike is Shahrban, who is only 23 years old and she is a resident of Munich.

Plan made with boyfriend

According to the police, Shahrban created a fake account on Instagram to carry out the incident. He tried to contact women who looked like him for several months. One day his efforts paid off and he got the Instagram account of a 23-year-old Algerian woman named Khadija O. After which he started contact with Khadija. After building a good bond, Shahrban took the help of her 24-year-old boyfriend Shakir. Then both together killed Khadija.

War on the face with a knife 50 times

According to the police, Khadija was an Algerian citizen and lived about 160 km away from the house of the accused woman. Unfortunately, Khadija’s complexion and hair were similar to the accused. Shahrban made a plan to meet Khadija by offering her beauty products. Police said that while returning to Munich with Khadija, the two stopped the car in a forest and stabbed her in the face 50 times. So that Khadija’s face is not recognized. After this, Shahrban dressed her in his own clothes. So that everyone would think that the girl who died was Shahraban.

Secret revealed by DNA sample

You have heard that no matter how clever the criminal is, one or the other makes mistakes. The same happened in this case as well. The picture became clear after the postmortem. After postmortem, in the investigation of DNA sample, it was found that the girl who died was not Shahrban but someone else. When the investigation of the case progressed, it came out that the deceased girl had left the house telling her husband that she was going to meet her ex-husband. At the same time, Shahrban also disappeared after committing the murder. After this, Shahrban’s family members went to the police to lodge a missing report.

Police said that the body of a black-haired girl was found on the back seat of Shahrban’s car, who had been brutally murdered. Shahrban, who killed her lookalike, has been arrested by the police and sent to jail.

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