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Follow these 5 tricks while making coffee, you will get double dose of taste in minutes, health will also be good


To make frothy coffee, whisk the coffee before adding milk.
Do not blend everything together while making cold coffee.

Coffee Making Tips: Coffee consumption is common in many homes. At the same time, coffee is also a favorite of some people. In such a situation, most of the people like to drink coffee (Coffee making tips) to start the morning, to relieve fatigue and to get rid of sleep. People adopt many methods to make tasty coffee at home. Even after many attempts, the taste of home made coffee is not like restaurant. That’s why we are going to tell you some smart tips for making coffee, by following which you can make tasty and frothy coffee like hotels in minutes.

Add right amount of coffee powder
The taste of coffee powder is mildly bitter. In such a situation, it is necessary to use the right amount of milk and coffee powder to make tasty coffee. For this it is better to mix 2 teaspoons of coffee powder in 1 mug of milk. This does not spoil the taste of your coffee.

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use cooked milk
Some people use raw milk to make froth in coffee. But adding raw milk makes the coffee thinner. Also, smell starts coming from coffee. That’s why it is always best to use cooked milk while making coffee.

whisk coffee
Before adding milk to coffee, whisk it lightly. This will not only double the taste of the coffee, but also froth will start forming in the coffee and your coffee will look like a restaurant.

Tips for making cold coffee
While making cold coffee, some people directly blend coffee powder and milk. Due to which the test of coffee starts getting spoiled. In this case, add coffee powder to hot water and dissolve it. After this mix coffee in milk and blend it. This will make your cold coffee very tasty.

Add coffee when milk boils
While making hot coffee, some people boil all the things together in a pan. Due to which the taste of coffee gets spoiled. In this case, keep the milk warm. Now after boiling, mix coffee in it. This will make coffee very tasty.

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avoid over watering
Although water should not be added while making coffee, but if you have to add water, do not use excessive amount of water. In this case, add ¼ cup of water to make 2 cups of coffee. This will not spoil the taste of the coffee and will also make the coffee thick.

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