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Flood threat on the historic fort of Prithviraj Chauhan

Hansi, July 17 (NIS)
The historic fort of Hansi, built by the famous 12th century Rajput warrior Prithviraj Chauhan, is slowly losing its existence due to the neglect of the administration. Today’s condition of the fort is that a large part of the fort has been cut off by the flow of rain water. Many areas have been encroached upon by people illegally. The Archaeological Department is responsible for the maintenance of the fort. But the administration is not taking any step to save the historical heritage. This can be gauged from the fact that to prevent erosion around the fort, the construction of the wall had to be done. But the department could not get the construction work done around the fort even in installments. In the last 20 years, the department has started the construction work of the wall only 4 times to stop the erosion of the fort. Each time only 50-55 feet of wall was constructed. Employees have also been deployed for the maintenance of the fort. Be it the history of Prithviraj Chauhan’s fort spread over 25 acres or the Badsi Gate Darwaza, there are many historical heritage sites in Hansi.
History of the Fort
The fort was built by the famous 12th century Rajput warrior Prithviraj Chauhan. It was rebuilt by George Thomas in 1798, when he/she made Hansi the capital of his/her princely state, which included Hisar and Rohtak. This square-shaped fort is spread over 30 acres, which is surrounded by a 52 feet high and 37 feet thick wall. It was one of the strongest forts of ancient India.
became a den of drug addicts
Employees have been deployed by the department to look after the fort. But due to the negligence of the employees and neglect of the department, today this historical fort has become the safest place for drug addicts. Due to non-construction of the fort wall, drug addicts reach the fort from any side.
Could not be freed from illegal occupants: The historical fort has not been freed from the illegal occupants till date. In the year 2018, notices were handed over to the illegal occupants by the administration. But till date no action has been taken. The matter is pending in the High Court. But due to lack of interest from the department, the land of the fort is shrinking. The survey was conducted by the Municipal Council on the orders of the Local Urban Bodies Department regarding the rehabilitation of the families occupying the land of the historical fort. The report was prepared and handed over to the SDM. According to this report, there were 192 families occupying the land of the fort for years. But later it was reduced from 192 to only 163. In the survey conducted by the team, it was revealed that due to the long-standing dispute and the campaign to remove the encroachment, 29 families have been rehabilitated at their own level leaving the land of the fort in other areas.

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