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Find ‘Bat’ in the crowd of ‘Bot’ in 6 seconds, spelling is easy, just searching is difficult!

Optical Illusion Challenge: The specialty of rotating puzzles is that once you sit down to solve them, you do not feel like getting up. By the way, it is not just a means of passing time, but it also shows the edge of your mind (Brain Teaser). Sometimes we have to find something in the pictures and sometimes we confuse the numbers of maths. This time the puzzle which is going viral (Viral Alphabetical Puzzle), has to find an English word in it.

This special optical illusion features alphabetic confusion. Everywhere in the picture you can see ‘Bot’ written, somewhere in it a ‘Bat’ is also written, which you have to find and show within 6 seconds. If you can do this then there is no answer to your eyes. Look at this picture carefully and find out the spelling of the word bat as soon as possible.

Where is it written ‘Bat’?
You must have also got confused while writing some English letters and words in your childhood. There are many such words, which look similar, only there is a slight difference in it. Same is the case with this puzzle. Somewhere in the crowd of the word ‘Bot’, ‘Bat’ is also written. It needs a lot of patience and attention while watching it. The challenge is how quickly you can solve it. If you can complete this work in 6 seconds, then you can consider yourself a genius.

Somewhere a ‘Bat’ is also written, which you have to find and show within 6 seconds.

How is your IQ level?
If you sit down to solve this puzzle, you will definitely solve it, but the point is, how long did it take you? Let us first show you the ‘Bat’ hidden in the puzzle.

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If you can do this then there is no answer to your eyes.

If you find it in 6 seconds then your IQ level is good. If you have done this feat before then you are above average IQ level. You are a genius and perfect too.

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