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Finance Ministry wants NCP, objection to Shinde faction; Ajit Pawar met Amit Shah

Image Source : PTI
Praful Patel and Ajit Pawar

New Delhi : NCP leaders Deputy CM Ajit Pawar and Praful Patel met Union Home Minister Amit Shah in Delhi today amid the impasse over cabinet expansion in Maharashtra. According to the information, Finance Ministry was also discussed in the meeting of both the leaders. It is believed that in the next one to two days the picture will be clear on the distribution of departments. Ajit Pawar and Praful Patel were accompanied by NCP leader and minister Hasan Mushrif.

Praful Patel said that the Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister, me and Ajit Pawar met yesterday. At present there is a government of three parties in Maharashtra, out of which two parties are already in the government. The cabinet has been expanded by him/her, now we will get some place in the cabinet from that, then he/she will get some other place in the cabinet, this work is bound to happen. Now if someone thinks that there is a big problem in this, then it is not so.

We came to Delhi for a courtesy call- Patel

On the other hand, Praful Patel said that I keep coming to Delhi. We had not met senior BJP leaders since the NCP joined the government in Maharashtra. Today we have come for a courtesy meeting. he/she said that we will also attend the meeting of NDA leaders on July 18 and will also meet PM Modi at that time.

Deadlock on division of departments will be resolved in one to two days

It is believed that in the next one to two days, the complete picture of the division of departments will become clear. According to the information, Ajit Pawar wants the finance ministry to remain with the NCP, while the MLAs of the Shinde faction have objections to it. The Shinde faction wants to keep the finance ministry with itself. Let us inform that even before this, many Shiv Sena MLAs had faced problems due to Ajit Pawar holding the Finance Ministry.

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