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Fighting games and movies can spoil the child’s mind, lest he/she starts fighting

Research is going on

Dr. Mazhar said that research and discussion are going on regarding showing violent games, cartoons and movies to children. Nothing can be said clearly on this matter. To know the effect of violent toys on children, many things need to be understood. What toddlers see has a great impact on them. At this stage, their cognitive development is going on rapidly. They do not know the difference between the world of dreams and reality.

what is the effect

what is the effect

When the child does not know whether what he/she is seeing is true or false, then he/she also starts adopting the violence shown on TV or in games and he/she is not even aware of its consequences. However, parents should note that they play an important role in developing the child’s behavior. By talking to kids openly and showing them the right things and cartoons, parents can protect their kids from any negative influence.

what should parents do

what should parents do

Dr. Mazhar says that experts also give the same opinion that toddlers should be shown less violent content and instead they should be shown educational and non-violent media items according to their age. Apart from this, show children such things that help in their cognitive and emotional development.
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notice this

notice this

In this matter, parents should also keep in mind that every child is different. The child’s temperament, upbringing and parental guidance also influence the impact of the media on the child. Therefore, what is affecting one child in some way may not affect another child in the same way.

To save the child from these things, parents should create such an environment for the child where he/she feels safe and can share his/her mind with his/her parents. Present things related to healthy media in front of children, which help in their cognitive development.

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