Sunday, March 3rd, 2024

Fighters entered Sudan’s lab where samples of dangerous diseases are kept

Khartoum :The World Health Organization has warned on Tuesday about the ongoing conflict in Sudan. The WHO said the fighters had captured a central public lab that held samples of serious diseases including polio and measles. The organization says that this has created an ‘extremely, extremely dangerous’ situation. According to the most recent WHO data, fighting between the Sudanese army and Rapid Support Force (RSF) paramilitary forces began on 15 April. At least 459 people have been killed and 4072 injured in this. WHO representative in Sudan Nima Saeed Abid told reporters in Geneva via a video link, “The Central Public Health Lab occupied by a fighting faction There is a big biological risk associated with it. he/she said technicians are not able to access the lab to secure the material. Sayeed Abid said, ‘This is the biggest concern, technicians are unable to go to the lab and secure the biological material.’ he/she did not say which side had captured the lab.

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People forced to drink Nile water

Sudan’s conflict has paralyzed hospitals and other essential services. Many people are trapped in their homes with fast dwindling supplies of food and water. Since the violence began, residents of the war-torn capital Khartoum have been told to stay inside, and supplies of food and water are running low. The bombing has affected major infrastructure such as water pipelines. Some people have been forced to drink the water of the Nile River.

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agreed on a three-day ceasefire

Warring sides in Sudan have agreed a three-day ceasefire, as several countries attempt to evacuate their citizens from the violence-hit North African country. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a statement on Tuesday morning that, following intensive negotiations, the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and Rapid Support Force (RSF) will begin implementing a 72-hour nationwide ceasefire beginning at midnight on April 24. Have agreed. According to UN agencies, previous attempts at a ceasefire have failed.

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