Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

Female employee was badly touched by a colleague, the victim said – he hits her on the shoulder and waist.

Moradabad.A female employee of the Basic Education Department in Moradabad has fallen into depression due to the bad touch of a male employee in the office. The male colleague would sometimes hit the woman on her shoulder and sometimes on her waist. On protesting, he would say sorry and say that he was touched by mistake. Frustrated, the female employee has lodged a written complaint with the Block Education Officer. After which the concerned employee has been transferred to another school. The victim is posted at a BRC center of the Basic Education Department. A male employee posted in the school adjacent to this BRC center is accused of bad touching a female employee. The male employee repeatedly comes to the female employee’s class on some pretext and threatens her. He places his hand on the shoulders of the female worker working. The victim has said in the complaint that on September 1, she was alone in her class. During that time the accused came and tried to remove her clothes and started molesting her. The victim said in the complaint that she is going through extreme mental stress due to this entire incident. The accused employee has been touching her badly for several months. But whenever she complains about it, some seniors silence her. Even when he was forced to make a written complaint about the matter, he was scolded. Not only this, the school where the accused was posted was adjacent to the BRC centre. The staff there is also in his favor.
After the transfer of the accused employee, now the school staff has turned against him. Is troubling him in various ways. The victim has joined the department only 8 months ago. She is the only female employee at BRC. Since joining, some male employees of the department have been harassing her in various ways. Even after verbal complaints, the incidents happening to her did not stop, so the victim was forced to make a written complaint. But now the victim has to endure torture for this complaint also. After receiving the written complaint regarding the matter, Block Education Officer Manoj Bose has transferred the accused employee Rajesh Kumar Verma to another school. ABSA has said in its order that when investigation was conducted on the written complaint of the female employee, it was found that the accused employee had molested other female employees before also. Then he was released by the then ABSA Sarvesh Kumar Singh after giving a warning. But even after this he did not give up his activities. ABSA Manoj Bose has banned the accused employee from entering the BRAC centre. ABSA said that if the accused employee visits the BRC centre, action will be taken against him. An attempt was made to contact ABSA Manoj Bose in this matter but it was found that he is admitted in the hospital. Second ABSA Vandana Saini said that she has taken charge in the hall itself, hence she is not aware of any such complaint.
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