Tuesday, February 7th, 2023

father’s day special

“Dear Dad, I wanted to talk to you about something. I have disappointed you so much for so many years that I do not have any such position to give you any advice. I know you have done a lot for me and the whole family. Whether it is unintentional WiFi connection or the need for a new laptop, you have done everything by giving us all the amenities.

I can hardly ever do the hard work you have done. Now as I am getting older, I am getting to know how mean the world is. I understand how difficult it is to live in this world. Now you know what was the reason behind your tired face. I see your problem and your dealing with it. Whatever you did, whatever happened to you, wherever you could reach, according to your circumstances and ability, you did everything well. We don’t have any complaints about anything. We are happy.

we want you to know more
Now it’s our turn to do something. There is only one complaint from you that whether the sky is broken on the head or there is some problem in the office, the heart is nervous due to some problem or there is any other problem, you do not even tell. Papa, you keep on facing everything alone. How are you? what do you like? Are you afraid of anything? What bothers you or makes you happy? You never share these things with us.

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Despite suffering everything, the smile does not budge from your face. You just keep asking us what to do next? What are the plans? If you have studied then do this, do that. What will you do after that? What have you done since morning? Do you ever share your condition. What do you want to do? What do you think about your life? How has your life changed since you were my age? We also want to know about these things.

i want to be friends with you dad
In all these years, I asked you a lot and gave a lot of sorrows. But today again I want to ask you something. I want you to sit with me and talk to me. Sip tea and enjoy the cool breeze. Forgetting everything, take a moment or two for yourself and think about yourself too. Give us a chance to know more about you too. Talk to us share your feelings.

We keep listening to the stories of friends, but we want to hear the stories related to your life. We want to know about your life too. It is you who say that the time that is gone does not come back, so give me a little part of your time, so that it will always be with me as a memory.

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Do you remember how once I broke the glass of the next uncle’s house while playing and my friends ran away with me? I came home crying and you stood in front of me like a shield to save me. Similarly, I want to be your shield and protect you from sorrow and troubles. You may find this childish, but father, I want to be friends with you. So dad, make me your friend, don’t you.” – Prakhar

[Content Contribution: Prakhar Srivastava (Intern)]


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