Saturday, June 3rd, 2023

Fatal consequences of ‘climate change’ started appearing, first patient appeared, unable to breathe

Climate change is a serious problem that is affecting the whole world. Now its consequences are starting to show. It is claimed that in Canada first patient of climate change has been found. The woman has given information about difficulty in breathing. Doctors told that heatwave and poor air quality could be responsible for this. A woman from British Columbia, Canada is battling asthma.

Climate change is being blamed for women’s health after consulting doctor Kelly Maritt used the term ‘climate change’ in a patient’s diagnosis for the first time in 10 years. The Canadian newspaper ‘Times Columnist’ gave this information in its report. While many countries are facing the wrath of Corona on one hand, Canada is also facing the wrath of nature for the past few months.
Good news for the world, there may be some reduction in global warming
Forest fire suffocated people
Canadians suffered their worst heatwave ever in June. Due to which forest fires and smoke caused the air quality to deteriorate. A woman above the age of 70 also became a victim of that condition and is now battling asthma. The doctor says that the woman is trying to stay hydrated as the heat and heat have had a negative effect on her health.

Just treating the symptoms is not the solution to the problem
He said that treating the patient’s symptoms is not the solution. We need to identify the hidden reasons behind this and solve them. In British Columbia, 500 people died of heat in June. Hundreds of people also lost their lives in America due to the heat. On the one hand, many countries of the world are appealing to unite on climate change. In such a case, the woman’s case shows its seriousness.


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