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Farmers are waiting for the formation of government to sell paddy in Chhattisgarh

Raipur: In Chhattisgarh, a state known as the rice bowl, centers for purchasing crops have opened in the state from November 1. But the surprising thing is that farmers are not coming only to sell the paddy crop. Instead of harvesting the paddy, packing it in sacks and taking it to the market, they are storing it in their homes. You will also be surprised to know the reason behind this.

In fact, in the election environment, BJP and Congress contesting the elections in the state have made big announcements and fixed the price for the purchase of paddy crop. Due to this, out of 45 thousand 832 farmers registered in the state, till now only 116 farmers have sold the paddy crop.

Congress’s announcements for paddy procurement

BJP and Congress have released their respective manifestos for the assembly elections. In these, many promises have been made to the farmers regarding the purchase of more paddy. Where Congress has asked for loan waiver like before. Along with this, it has been said to purchase paddy at 20 quintals per acre. Not only this, the price of paddy has been fixed at Rs 3200.

Promises in BJP’s manifesto

At the same time, BJP has also made big promises to the farmers to form its government in the state. In which, the launch of Krishi Unnat Yojana along with the purchase of paddy at the rate of 21 quintals per acre. Paddy will be purchased at Rs 3100 per quintal and payment will be made in lump sum.

Account not opened at 31 out of 46 centers

This year, 56 centers have been set up in the state for the purchase of paddy. Compared to last year, 5 more new centers have been created this year. Overall, paddy was to be purchased from 46 centres, but farmers came to sell paddy only at 15 centres. At the same time, farmers are still waiting for arrival at 31 centres.

waiting for government to be formed

Earlier, farmers used to send the paddy crop directly from the fields in sacks to the markets, but now they are packing it in sacks and taking it to their homes and storing it. Farmers are saying that they will sell paddy only after seeing whose government will be formed on 3rd December. While BJP has said to purchase 21 quintals of paddy, Congress has said to purchase 20 quintals of paddy. While Congress has fixed the price at Rs 3200, BJP has fixed the price at Rs 3100 per quintal.

BJP is saying that farmers did not vote for us, Rakesh Tikait said in Badaun Kisan Mahapanchayat

Farmers of the state are watching whether there will be loan waiver or they will get lump sum money for selling their crops. If Congress forms the government again, there will be loan waiver. This is good for farmers because farmers are more indebted than selling paddy. Whereas BJP has promised to purchase paddy worth Rs 3100 with a lump sum amount. Now it will be interesting to see whose government is formed in the state.
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