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Fans are fed up with Anupama’s sacrifice? Furiously giving solutions on the current track of the show

Anupamaa Star Plus Show: Anupama show is undoubtedly the favorite show of the audience. But these days Anu’s track going to America is attracting and irritating the audience, the reason being the difficulties faced by Anupama while going to America. Now people are fed up with the drama going on in the show to make Anupama’s daughter fall ill and make Anupama sit in the house by trapping her in an emotional affair.

Malti Devi kept Anupama on the radar
In the current track of Anupama show, Anupama is seen preparing to go to America, Anupama is very excited because she will get to see the new city, the new world. But when he/she thinks of Chhoti, his/her legs are wavering to go to America. In such a situation, Anupama’s teacher’s mother has realized that Anupama can take a shocking decision. Because of which Guru Maa is keeping her on the radar that if Anupama cheated Malti Devi, then Anupama’s fate has come again.

Anuj has vowed that he/she will not become an obstacle in Anupama’s way.
Anuj has made up his/her mind that he/she will not impose his/her problems on Anupama nor will he/she allow her wings to rust like Vanraj. But he/she is forced by circumstances. When Anupama comes to know about this, she will not become a self-lover and will decide not to go to America. In such a situation, now a lot of comments are coming out on social media in which the makers are getting suggestions.

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Makers are getting suggestions
Anupama fans want to see Anu living her life, want to see her dancing and singing. In such a situation, they are not able to tolerate the troubles that came when he/she went to America. Meanwhile, many people were seen saying, O brother, if Anupama’s husband i.e. Anuj takes his/her daughter to America, then what crime will it be. One said – Hey brother Anupama, don’t stop here, tell Anuj to go with you. On the other hand, if the treatment of younger Anu has to be done, then get it done in America. One user said – being dragged forcibly, if such a golden opportunity has been given, then Anupama should go. When there was Maya, no one would have worried about Anupama.

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