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Fake Taliban Afghanistan: Terror of ‘Fake Taliban’ spread in Afghanistan, after real ‘fake terrorists’ are now looting people

Kabul: In August 2021, the Taliban captured Kabul. Even before that the life of the Afghan people was not easy but after the return of Taliban the life became worse. The difficulties are still not taking the name of reducing. It is being claimed that ‘fake Taliban’ is now looting people in Afghanistan. If reports are to be believed, a man in Kandahar city looted women’s bags and jewelry in the name of Taliban. The accused was caught red-handed stealing gold worth $10,000 from a woman.

Afghan journalist Bilal Sarwari shared the photo of ‘fake’ Talibani and informed about the case. In the caption accompanying the photo, he/she wrote, ‘Describing himself as a Talib, he/she was robbing women in Kandahar city. he/she was robbing women of their bags and jewelry. he/she was caught red-handed stealing gold worth $10,000 from a woman. The Taliban captured him/her at PD 13 in Kandahar. Taliban officials in Kandahar informed me about this.

Life of Afghans has already become hell

At present, 97 percent of people in Afghanistan are in the grip of poverty. In the year 2018, this figure was at 72 percent. The Taliban have banned women from working and going out alone. This has made it difficult for women to get a job and poverty is increasing in large families. People do not have bread to eat. A large number of people have become victims of malnutrition and intoxication. Food shortage is only a small part of a bigger picture of the problem which also includes fuel, water, house, electricity crisis.

Taliban had captured in 2021

More than a year has passed since the Taliban seized power. Life in Afghanistan was miserable even before the terrorists reached Kabul. But the economic crisis and various religious, social restrictions have made it more difficult. The Taliban emerged in Pakistan in the early 1990s following the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan. The Taliban captured Kabul after the withdrawal of foreign troops in 2021 as the Afghan government collapsed after President Ashraf Ghani fled.

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