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Fake delivery agents knocking from door to door, taking OTP on the pretext of order, identify them in this way


These vicious criminals approach the customers and ask for order amount.
Threatens to cancel the order if money or OTP is not given.
To avoid such criminals, complain in cyber crime cell.

New Delhi. Cyber ​​crime due to the increasing trend of digital payments and online banking (Cyber ​​crime) have also increased, so many companies have become aware and cautious about customer data. To provide more secure delivery to the users, e-commerce platforms like Flipkart and Amazon have introduced One Time Password (OTP) for delivery. (OTP) Has started the process. However, despite all the safety features, fraudsters and cyber crooks have managed to dupe customers and steal money from bank accounts.

Lately, fake delivery agents (Fake Delivery Scam) There have been many cases of collecting OTP from customers by Fraudsters and scammers often keep track of customers receiving delivery packages and approach the customers posing as delivery agents to ask for OTPs and dupe customers by making pretexts.

Money is taken from the account by taking OTP
Actually these vicious criminals reach out to the customers and ask for order amount and claim that this product is available on cash on delivery. If customers refuse to receive a delivered package, they pretend as if they are canceling the delivery. In this way, after getting the OTP, these people hack the consumer’s cell phone and steal the money by trapping the customers.

Read this too- Ordered mobile and got potatoes! Still the company did not return the money, so where to complain?

How to avoid fake delivery agents?
Many cases related to such fake delivery scams have come to light across the country, so people need to be alert. You can use these methods to prevent fake OTP scams or to file a complaint…

  • Remember not to share OTP with anyone including suspicious delivery agents.
  • Verify the identity of the person who is asking for any type of OTP.
  • Please open and inspect the delivery package before making payment and confirming delivery.
  • Do not trust links or websites that ask for any kind of personal information.
  • Pay for Delivery Use Verified Digital Payments Platform.
  • Always verify order history before accepting an order.

Where to complain?
If you are a victim of fraud of fake delivery agents or any other cyber crime, then call the helpline number 1930 and immediately register a complaint in the Cyber ​​Crime Cell or register a complaint on

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