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Facebook has given warning on more than 200 million content, will take action if there is no improvement

Photo:AP Facebook has given warning on more than 200 million content

Facebook uploading on their platform Content A warning message has been issued regarding this, which is for more than 200 million different content. The company said it now has more than 90 fact-checking partners around the world who review and evaluate viral misinformation and help the company remove it from the platform.

Use of hate speech 2 times per 10,000 content on Facebook

The company said in its Community Standards Enforcement Report (CSER) that we are taking steps to prevent content such as threats and harassment. According to the company, content related to false facts and spreading violence is seen eight to nine times per 10,000 content on Facebook and four to five times per 10,000 on Instagram. Out of every ten thousand content on Facebook, content used in abusive language is uploaded twice.

“We processed 15.1 million such content in the first quarter and 13.5 million such content in the second quarter,” the social network said. Facebook’s independent oversight board will soon issue a new type of binding decision on these matters, which will show warning messages on content containing inappropriate or hate speech.

From June 2021 to June 2022 META documented 68 news qualification allowances, of which 13 (20 percent) were issued by politicians to positions. In a separate Widely Viewed Content Report (WVCR) for the second quarter of 2022, Meta stated that more than 500 of its unauthenticated and authentic accounts, pages and groups are being run by foreign spammers marketing to US audiences.

Facebook and Instagram users will earn a lot of money

Good news for Facebook and Instagram users. The company’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has suggested 5 new ways for Facebook and Instagram users (creators) to earn money. Zuckerberg has said in his Facebook post that the company will ban any revenue sharing on Facebook and Instagram by 2024. This includes paid online events, subscriptions, badges and bulletins. Instead, the CEO has announced 5 ways for the creators. He has given its detailed details through his post. Come, know what Zuckerberg has announced and how users will be able to earn big money from it.

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