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Experts consider this style to be the dirtiest in the upbringing of children, are you making a mistake?

With the birth of a child, there is also a new birth of the parents. The bond between them is also unique. However, different methods of parenting can affect this bonding to a great extent. Some parents choose a different and stricter method of child rearing. While some parents are patient and generous. When parenting becomes too strict and it spoils the relationship between mother and child, it is called tiger parenting.

Tiger parenting is a controversial approach, as it uses harsh methods to control and teach discipline to children. This is a form of strict parenting. In fact, when parents instill fear in their children to fulfill their expectations, they are called tiger parents. This method emphasizes on building a committed relationship between parents and children. Experts say that parents place high expectations on their children to perform well in studies and put pressure on the children to meet their goals.
However, Tiger parents believe that strict methods should be adopted to make their children tough, confident, successful and prepare them for the future. But some research says that tiger parenting is not the best way to raise children, instead adopting supportive parenting.

How is it different from other parenting styles?

In tiger parenting, parents make strict rules for their children and expect more from their children, but there is also some kind of positive parenting involved. Hence Tiger parents also go a long way to help and protect their kids from any obstacle. In this way, tiger parenting includes both control and love.

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Signs of being a tiger parent

Here are two signs, which will help in finding out whether you are a tiger parent or not.

  • You don’t allow your kids to spend much time with their friends.
  • You expect your child to stand first in all the exams. If they fail, they also punish them.

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how are tiger parents

  • If the child is afraid to tell things because of the fear of scolding.
  • You don’t trust the child in most cases.
  • Rely on following the rules rather than keeping your child happy. You feel that the rule should not be broken at any cost.

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Benefits of Tiger Parenting

These parents work on making their child responsible, even if they have to use harsh words for this.

The fear of punishment enables children to unleash their true potential and learn to work hard to achieve success in their lives. Tiger parenting teaches to discipline oneself.

there are disadvantages too

  • In tiger parenting, parents put more expectations on the child, due to which the child starts feeling the burden and pressure.
  • Being in constant fear can lead to anxiety and depression in the child.
  • Tiger parenting rules hinder the creativity and development of children.

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