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Exclusive: What’s in the THOMSON company’s box about TVs and portable air coolers, know here


  • Exclusive interview with Thomson
  • Company’s future strategy regarding AC, cooler etc.
  • Will users be able to make users happy?

New Delhi. in the Indian online TV market THOMSON The name of the company comes second. Keeping in view the needs of the users, the company is working on launching a range of products that can prove to be very economical and long-term appliances for the users. The company has set a target of selling more than 7,50,000 units in 2021-22. If seen, if the company is able to do this, then it will be nothing less than an achievement. To strengthen itself and establish its foothold in India, the company has also started a new manufacturing facility in Noida. In such a situation, it is obvious that this will increase the production capacity of the company significantly. We spoke to Avneet Singh Marwah, CEO of THOMSON in India, SPPL Exclusive Brand Licensee, about the company’s planning and recent launches. Let us know what he has to say about the company’s strategy and launches.

Question: As we know that the company is at number 2 in the online TV segment, what are the important steps the company is taking to reach the number 1 position?

answer: Avneet Singh Marwah said, “The company has received a very good response from the users in the online TV segment, after which the company can launch a range of more products for the users. The company is working on Technological Televisions which will be in the next two years. Can be launched in quarters. These will range from 24 inches to 75 inches.” If seen, this can prove to be a very good step. Since a large screen TV may not fit in everyone’s home, the company’s move to launch a small screen TV is expected to prove to be a good one.

He also added, “THOMSON is India’s only Smart TV manufacturer licensed to manufacture in-house software from Google. The company is working on empowering itself in the market to make it customized and tailored to the needs of the users. Make the product available.” So, it will be interesting to see whether the company manages to secure the No. 1 position with this strategy.

Avneet Singh Marwah has talked about the company’s 4th counter strategy. The first in this is technology. The company has invested more than 150 crores in technology. Not only this, the main focus of the company is AI. This may prove to be the new UI of television. In the coming months, the company is working on launching new televisions which will be introduced with new innovations.

The second is the price. The company will not disappoint users in terms of price to give a tough competition to Chinese companies. The company is working on making the product available to the users at an affordable price.

The third is infrastructure. The company is working on R&D unit. The company is also working on increased manufacturing capacity. The company has also made an investment of 300 crores for this.

The fourth is service. The company is also focusing on service. When the company started in 2018, the company had about 200 service centers which have now grown to more than 550. In the next two years, the company is focusing on setting up more than 750 service centers. The company is providing its service on more than 17,000 pincodes.

Question: There are many portable air coolers in the market but none of them is provided by a good manufacturer or can be trusted by the user. So are you looking to enter this segment?

answer: Avneet Singh Marwah says, “The company has received a great response from the users and their journey has been amazing. The company is working on a category that comes with immense potential. This category will be both portable and reliable. The company is working with both technology and quality in mind for portable air coolers.” Looking at this answer of the company, it would not be wrong to say that if the company launches portable coolers, then the company can get a good response. Because today there are portable coolers of 400 to 500 rupees in the market which cannot be called reliable. At the same time, people’s trust in THOMSON can take the company to a new height in this segment.


Question: Many people always want to use cooler AC but they also want that their electricity bill should come down. So is the company working on any technology that can reduce power consumption?

answer: Avneet Singh Marwah has described this as the priority of the company. He says, “Whenever the company launches a product of any segment, whether it is a washing machine, TV, cooler or anything else, its top most priority is power consumption. Also, the company is giving such motors in its products. It is working which uses the least voltage.”

Question: What is the company doing new for the users in the television sector?

answer: Avneet Singh Marwah said, “The company has understood and tested its users over such a long period of time. Along with this, they have also matched their likes and dislikes. Keeping these likes and dislikes, the company has taken the television segment to a new height. The company is planning to launch such smart TVs that will be offered with OTT platforms. This will also see the company grow in the smart TV segment.

Question: Will the company enter the AC segment?

answer: Avneet Singh Marwah has not said anything about the company’s entry in this segment at the moment. In such a situation, it is difficult to say whether the company will enter this segment or not. The AC segment is also on the rise in the Indian market. In the AC market, more than one AC is being launched which are being offered with low power consumption. There are many other techniques being introduced as well. In such a situation, if the company enters this segment, then it will be interesting to see the growth of the company.


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