Saturday, April 1st, 2023

Every smartphone will completely change! This new update of Android will make the phone high-tech

new Delhi. Android 13, Google will introduce the next version of its mobile operating system i.e. Android 13 later this year. It is expected that the company can introduce many new features in the upcoming Android update. As of now, work is being done on the upcoming OS. Google had previously released two developer previews of Android 13.

Google has also introduced Android 12L which was an update to Android 12. With the 12L, Google has optimized the display for the home screen, lock screen, notification shade, device set-up screen, settings and beyond. Android 12L has been rolled out to Pixel phones as a March feature drop. In March feature drop, many features like Live Caption on Call, Night Mode in Snapchat, Text Stickers, New Widget have been made available. So let’s know what can be given in Android 13.

Features of Android 13: Multiple Enabled Profiles
Recently, a feature called Multiple Enabled Profile (MEP) has been seen in the latest code of the new operating system. This service will be provided in Android 13 which will allow users to have dual SIM on a device with a single eSIM chip.

As of now, most smartphones have one or more physical SIM slots or an eSIM and physical SIM slot. Once this update is installed on phones with physical SIM card slot, the service will allow users to enable up to three schemes in the phone. Apart from Android devices, the feature may also have support for iOS, Windows, and MacOS devices.

photo picker
Apart from this, the operating system will bring a new photo picker. It allows users to securely share both local and cloud-based photos and videos.

themed app icons
Android 13 also brings new services and tools to developer production. This includes the Quick Settings Placement API. In addition, users can opt in to themed app icons. The supported Android launcher’s icons are provided to inherit the color of the wallpaper and other themes selected by the users.

bluetooth LE audio
The operating system also brings support for Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) audio. It allows users to share and broadcast their audio to friends and family or subscribe to public broadcasts.

Nearby Wi-Fi allowed
Android 13 will introduce the NEARBY_WIFI_DEVICES runtime permission for apps that manage devices’ connections to nearby access points over Wi-Fi. Please note that the new permission will be extremely important for apps that call the Wi-Fi API. At the same time, this feature enables apps to find and connect to nearby devices over Wi-Fi without requiring location permissions.

Notification Permission
The operating system will provide a new runtime permission named POST_NOTIFICATIONS to send notifications from an app. Apps will now have to obtain permission from the user for notification permissions before posting notifications.

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