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Every nook and corner of the house will be cleaned with these vacuum cleaners with sensors

Rajesh Bharti, New Delhi. There are many types of vacuum cleaners available in the market, but sensor vacuum cleaners are now making a place in homes. These vacuum cleaners clean the house much better than ordinary vacuum cleaners. Rajesh Bharti is telling about some such vacuum cleaners

Dyson V12

Laser dust detection and Piezo sensor have been given in this vacuum cleaner of Dyson. Weighing 2.2 kg, this vacuum cleaner makes it easy to clean the dust hidden in every nook and corner of the house. These are the special features of this vacuum cleaner:

Laser Detection Systems and Sensors:
For better cleaning, it has been given a laser dust detection system and a Piezo sensor. The laser system is mounted on a slim fluffy roller head. On turning it on, it emits green laser light on the floor, due to which the particles of dust and dirt also become visible which you cannot see with the eyes. These particles can be removed with the help of a roller.

At the same time, the Piezo sensor analyzes the particles of dust and dirt and collects those particles and displays their details. The display displays information on particles ranging from 10 microns to 500 microns. In addition, this vacuum cleaner also captures particles as small as 0.3 microns present in the house. That is, it can be said that this vacuum cleaner captures the smallest particles of dust and dirt present in the house and the house looks completely clean.

Hair Screw Tool: The company has also provided Anti-tangle Hair Screw Tool with this vacuum cleaner. It has a roller which catches the particles like hair and other fibers lying in the house. If there is a dog or any other animal in the house, then he also cleans his hair from the house.
Slim Body: The body of this vacuum cleaner is quite slim which makes it quite attractive. Also, it can be carried anywhere easily. Its weight is slightly less than that of the common vacuum cleaner.

Battery: It has a removable battery. There is no hassle of connecting wires to electricity to run it. The charger is needed only when charging the battery. The battery takes about 4 hours to get fully charged. On a full charge, it gives a backup of about 1 hour on Eco Mode.
Display: It has an LED screen. In this, information about dust type, power mode and battery life is provided.
Cleaning everything: Floors, sofas, car seats, ceilings, tables, curtains, carpets, etc. can be easily cleaned with this vacuum cleaner.
Price: Rs 55,900

Where to buy:

Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P

This vacuum cleaner from Mi can remove dust and dirt from the house as well as mop the floor. Turn it on once and leave it on the floor. It will move on the floor to every corner of the house and do the cleaning. This robotic vacuum mop is equipped with anti-fall and anti-collision sensors, so that it automatically avoids falling from stairs or up and down floors. Some of the special features of this vacuum cleaner are as follows:
Battery: It is powered by a battery that lasts about 2 hours on a full charge. The battery takes about 3 hours to get fully charged. It has an automatic recharge function that means if its battery runs out during cleaning, it charges itself and starts cleaning again.
App Control: You can also control this vacuum cleaner from the app. For this, you have to download Mi Home or Xiaomi Home app in the smartphone. Also, it can be operated by connecting to Alexa or Google Voice Assistant.
Set Schedule: This vacuum cleaner also supports Wi-Fi. In this, you can schedule cleaning and can clean the house by running it in the morning or at any time.

Rs 24,999

Where to buy:

Realme TechLife RMH2101

This robotic vacuum cleaner from Realme TechLife can not only remove dust and dirt from the house but also mop the floor. LiDAR sensor has been given in this vacuum cleaner, with the help of which it finds the dirty place and cleans that place. Its main features are as follows:

Replaces place:
Intelligent Surface Adaptation feature has been given in this vacuum cleaner. With its help, it detects and replaces anything that comes across during cleaning.

Sensor’s awesomeness:
It has a LiDAR sensor. With the help of this, it detects the space of the room and makes a map in the same way. During cleaning, if anything else comes in the middle, it detects it.

Voice command:
This vacuum cleaner supports both Google Voice Assistant and Alexa for voice control.
Battery: Once fully charged, the battery lasts for about 2 hours. It takes around 6 hours for the battery to be fully charged.

Water sprinkler:
This vacuum cleaner has a smart electronic water tank of 300mL. During use, it sprays water so that dust does not fly. Along with this, it helps the HEPA filter to last longer.

Safety also taken care of:
This vacuum cleaner is covered with tempered Gorilla Glass. That is, there is no tension of breaking or getting scratched.

Rs 22,999

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