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Erdogan Health: What happened to Turkish President Erdogan? The market of speculation about health is hot on social media

Ankara: Turkey’s 69-year-old President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a little ill at the moment. Due to leaving a live interview in the middle, various rumors regarding his/her health dominated the social media throughout the day on Thursday. Erdogan had to hold several election rallies before meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin. Due to poor health, he/she had to cancel the programs related to the elections. However, the news of him/her having a heart attack on Twitter became very viral.

Health deteriorated in live interview
Erdogan was to appear in a live interview on Tuesday. his/her program started 90 minutes late. After 10 minutes, the President had to stop it in the middle of the question. Reports started coming that Erdogan had suffered a heart attack and had to be admitted to the hospital. But it was completely rejected by the government. Erdogan returned for the interview after a few minutes. he/she told that he/she had a stomach infection.
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Erdogan said, ‘Yesterday and today we had to work very hard. That’s why I got stomach flu. I apologize to you and our viewers. Erdogan canceled election rallies scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, saying he/she would “rest at home on doctor’s advice”.

Erdogan is resting
All this happened when Erdogan was to inaugurate Turkey’s first nuclear energy reactor via a video link on Thursday. The reactor was built by Russia’s state-owned company Rostom after a deal between Ankara and Moscow in 2010. Erdogan also attended the meeting via video link as he/she rests at home. Russia has dismissed reports that Erdogan had asked Putin to travel to Turkey due to illness.

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