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Epidemic of layoffs! Amazon again fired 100 people, employees are surprised by this move of Meta

Photo: File Hunter of retrenchment again in Amazon

The phase of massive layoffs continues in Amazon. Just last month, Amazon announced that it would be laying off over 9,000 employees. Then the company had said that this phase of retrenchment would continue even further. Meanwhile, the company has also started a new round of layoffs. This time the company has sheared its gaming division and laid off 100 employees. The tech company has sent an email to affected employees, informing them about the layoffs. On the other hand, Facebook’s parent company is adopting new tactics to reduce meta expenses. In a recent meeting with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, everyone talked about ending remote work.

Amazon’s Games VP Christoph Hartmann also suggested in his/her memo that the tech company would offload work to remaining employees to achieve its goals. The layoffs are being made across departments such as Prime Gaming, Game Growth and the company’s San Diego studio. he/she said that it was a difficult decision, but the decision has been taken after assessing all the ongoing projects and keeping in mind the long term goals.

The company said that after evaluating our current projects against our long-term goals, the leadership team made the difficult decision to eliminate just over 100 roles, as well as redeploy some employees to other projects that align with our strategic goals. match the focus.

Hartmann stressed that affected employees would be called for a live meeting, where they would be given a chance to discuss and question the changes directly with relevant executives. Amazon also promised that it would respect the laid-off employees and offered them pay as compensation. In addition, people will also get health insurance benefits, outplacement services and paid time off to find their jobs.

It is important to note that the company has already laid off 18,000 employees earlier this year. In March this year, after completing the first round of retrenchment process, it had announced the removal of 9,000 more employees. Amazon had previously said that the company was making layoffs due to the uncertain economy and the uncertainty surrounding the near future. Last month, Amazon confirmed that it plans to complete its second round of layoffs by the end of April. This basically means that the company is planning to complete the layoff process by the end of this month.

Meta also surprised the employees

Meta is adopting a cost-cutting approach to reduce expenses. In a recent meeting with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, everyone talked about ending remote work. Meta, along with several other tech companies, announced remote work for many employees in 2020 due to COVID-19. Many tech companies are evaluating performance data to update their remote work policies. According to an Insider report, Zuckerberg revealed that the company will continue to support remote work but will analyze performance data and update the policy accordingly.

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