Sunday, June 4th, 2023

Epic CEO Calls on Apple to Promote Its Services in iPhone Settings | Epic CEO calls on Apple to promote its services in iPhone settings – Bhaskar


Digital Desk, San Francisco. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has called on iPhone maker Apple to provide access to an advertising slot that its competitors don’t have on the iPhone’s Settings screen. According to TechCrunch, some iOS 15 users noticed that Apple is now advertising its services at the top of their settings, just below their Apple ID.

It appears the services being suggested are personalized to the device owner based on which one they are already subscribed to. For example, those who don’t have a subscription to Apple Music may see an ad offering a free six-month trial.

However, current Apple Music subscribers may instead see a prompt to add a service they don’t have yet, such as AppleCare coverage for their devices. Sweeney suggests that this type of first-party advertising is an anti-competitive risk for Apple, as some of the services it is emphasizing here are those that compete directly with third-party apps published on its App Store. .

But those third party applications can’t gain access to the iPhone’s Settings screen, of course they can only bid for ad slots within the App Store. New of those banning Fortnite, Sweeney wrote, is its own. Settings-screen ads for your own music service that precede actual settings and aren’t available to other advertisers like Spotify or SoundCloud.




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