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Emraan Hashmi used to brag on the tea tap, missed a big opportunity due to excess

Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi, who is also known as ‘Serial Kisser’, is celebrating his/her 44th birthday. Imran, who has a special connection with the Bhatt family, came to films only because of his/her maternal uncles. Yes, Emraan Hashmi and Alia Bhatt have a special connection. This relationship is very strong. Due to this relationship, the way for the actor to enter films was open. Born in Bombay on 24 March 1979, Imran’s father Syed Anwar Hashmi used to work in Air India. his/her mother also used to work in a reputed company. The actor comes from a well-educated family. Let us tell all the stories of Emraan Hashmi on his/her birthday.

What is the relation between Emraan Hashmi and Alia Bhatt? This question is searched a lot on Google. So know that Bhatt family and Hashmi family have a relation. Alia Bhatt’s father Mahesh Bhatt’s mother Shireen Mohammed and Emraan Hashmi’s grandmother Mehrabano Ali were real sisters. According to this relationship, Mahesh Bhatt and Emraan Hashmi became maternal uncle-nephew.

college means partying with friends

Emraan Hashmi himself has told many times that he/she was nothing special in school. he/she used to roam around with the boys in the college in the name of studies. Hanging out with friends, roaming around, having fun and setting up a gathering of friends by making a tea stall was their common routine. Just this pea-gashti pulled him/her into films as well.

Emraan Hashmi was famous for Lafangai and Matargashti

his/her family did not like Emraan Hashmi’s (Happy birthday Emraan Hashmi) gatherings like this. Once he/she was seen by Mahesh Bhatt’s brother Mukesh Bhatt. he/she is also a renowned director and producer like his/her brother. he/she complained about the actor to his/her aunt i.e. Imran’s grandmother. Why does he/she roam around like this? Then he/she said that send Imran to him/her so that he/she can learn some work.

Emraan Hashmi’s grandmother did not want that…

Imran’s grandmother herself had worked in the film industry. The stage name of Meherbano Mohammad Ali was Purnima Das Verma. She herself had worked in Hindi cinema, so she knew how difficult it is to enter and survive in the industry. Then the kind of nature that Imran had, he/she found it very difficult to work in the industry. That is why initially she did not want the actor to come in films. But he/she explained to Imran and sent him/her to Bhatt camp.

When Emraan Hashmi was out from the very first film

Imran started working in the production house of the Bhatt family. But in the beginning he/she remained the same boyhood. Somehow he/she became Vikram Bhatt’s assistant director for ‘Raj’. During this, he/she also started learning acting. The actor was offered the first film Tanuja Chandra’s Yeh Zindagi Ka Safar. The actor started the work of this film. Only a few days had passed that the director got upset with the actor’s attitude and dropped him/her from the film. Then when he/she stumbled, Emraan Hashmi came to his/her senses. he/she took it very seriously. In this way he/she became serious about the work. Seeing his/her changed nature, the Bhatt family decided to give him/her a new film.
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This is how Emraan Hashmi became a serial kisser

This is how Emraan Hashmi made his/her debut on the footpath of the Bhatt camp. The film did well but his/her next film Murder made him/her a superstar overnight. Then he/she went on doing films back to back. he/she emerged in the industry with his/her own romantic image. his/her kissing scene was discussed a lot and he/she got the name of serial kisser.

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