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Electricity prices will increase by 10%! With the ‘rail-ship-rail’ system, the powerplants of these states will be ‘lighted’

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You may get a big shock of inflation in the new year. Due to changes in the rules related to coal transportation in the country, the cost of electricity coming to your home may increase. In fact, with the government mandating a power plant to transport a fifth of its coal requirement through the ‘rail-ship-rail’ system, your total electricity bill is likely to increase by up to 10 per cent.

The Ministry of Power on Monday asked Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Punjab as well as NTPC to transport 10-15% of their coal requirement through a combination of land and sea routes, according to a report published in the English newspaper Economic Times. Was. This mode of transport is also called rail-ship-rail mode. Now this system is also going to become the reason for increasing the prices.

Why is the government adopting this system

In the first quarter of last year, there was a serious coal crisis in the country. Serious problems had arisen regarding coal transportation in different parts of the country. It was found here that there are many problems in transporting coal depending only on rail. The demand for coal is likely to increase in April and May this year as well. Keeping this in mind, the government is working on this new model of transport.

Still cheaper than imported coal

The Rail-Ship-Rail mode may be considered to be 10 per cent costlier than the existing rail transport. But this method is still cheaper than imported coal. According to experts, if the cost of power generation from the existing system is Rs 4 per unit, then with the Rail-Ship-Rail mode it will cost Rs 4.4. On the other hand, if the power plant uses imported coal, it will cost Rs 5 per unit, which is much higher than the current cost.

How will the coal be transported

Coal from Coal India’s mines in eastern India will reach Paradip Port under Rail-Ship-Rail mode. From here coal will be unloaded from the ports of western India through ships and sent to power plants through rail. This will take more time and money than the existing direct rail network. But this will reduce the pressure on the existing rail network.

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