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Electricity Bill: Can ₹ 443 device reduce electricity bill to zero? understand the calculation


Electricity bill can be reduced, it is difficult to make it zero.
It can be zero by installing solar panels, but the panels are very expensive.
You can take a loan by applying for the panel on the government platform.

Electricity Bill: Even after using all the appliances in the whole house, the electricity bill comes to zero, how is it possible? But you must have seen such trending news these days, in which it has been said to make the bill zero by installing a device costing only Rs.443. If the electricity bill does not come by installing a device costing Rs.443, then there can be no bigger revolution than this. The creator of that alleged device should be awarded Bharat Ratna, because this invention was bigger than the invention of fire and bulb!

Actually there is no basis of those news. If you too have got confused after reading that news and are dreaming of reducing the electricity bill to zero, then you should not read this news at all. Because after reading this your dream will be shattered, as well as your confusion will also be dispelled.

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Where can you light up!
It has been told that such a solar light has come in the market, by installing which the electricity bill can be reduced to zero in winter. With this solar light, electricity can be lit in many areas of your house, such as the roof of the house, garden, balcony and ‘many more places’. The name of this solar light has been called Hardoll LED Waterproof Fence Solar Light Lamp. It can be bought from amazon. Price is Rs.443.

Along with this, it has been told that this light starts burning automatically when it gets dark and turns off as soon as it gets sunlight. It is waterproof as it is made from plastic. It takes 6 hours to get fully charged and can light up to 18 hours.

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So let’s do milk of milk, water of water
When you search for Hardoll LED Waterproof Fence Solar Light Lamp on amazon, a pack of 2 lights is listed for Rs.835. One bulb will cost Rs 417.5. The listing of this product clearly states that it is a solar light. It has to be charged in sunlight during the day and you can use it for lighting at night.

This bulb is of 0.3 watt, so you can understand how less its light will be. The LED bulb installed in your house is of at least 7 watts. For proper lighting, a 10 watt bulb has to be installed. When the light of 10 watt bulb is also less, then what will be seen in 0.3 watt (less than 1 watt) light? Yes great for decoration.

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Will the electricity bill be zero?
In a house of 2 rooms, generally there are 3-4 bulbs of 10 watt, 2 fans, and a fridge. Geyser or electric rod is used to heat water in winter. Generally the rod is of 1000 watts and geysers also start from 1000 watts. Even 4 bulbs of 10-10 watts consume electricity. A single door fridge with 5 star rating consumes at least 1 unit of electricity in 24 hours.

Experts who know about power consumption say that if any device of 1000 watts runs for 1 hour, it consumes 1 unit of power. Depending on the condition of the device, it may be slightly less or slightly more. In such a situation, a small bulb of 0.3 watt will reduce the electricity bill to zero by running it with solar light, how can anyone even think that. So it is proved that that news is completely baseless.

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Electricity will be free if solar panels are installed!
In the same news, it has been said that even big household appliances can be run for free after installing a big solar panel. For example, it has been said to run AC, fridge, cooler, television, motor and fan for free. By doing this, even 1 rupee electricity bill will not come.

As easy as it is to say, it is actually more difficult. To run appliances like AC, fridge, cooler on solar lights, a solar system of at least 5 kW will have to be installed. If it is installed by a private company, it will cost at least 5 lakhs in one go. Application can be made by visiting the official website of the government If you find the expenses high and you cannot pay at once, then different financial institutions provide loans, which have to be repaid in easy installments.

Overall, it can be said that a 0.3 watt bulb costing Rs 417 and 50 paise cannot reduce your electricity bill even by Rs 10.

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