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Eating these five vegetables means inviting disease every day!, read here

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If you are eating these vegetables, then perhaps you are inviting a deadly disease every day, because there is a deadly poison hidden inside potatoes, brinjal, arvi, red greens, radish, lady’s finger and cauliflower.

Every other day you bring vegetables of your choice from the market and cook them in the kitchen. Believe me, if you are eating these vegetables then perhaps you are inviting death every day, because there is deadly poison hidden inside potatoes, brinjal, arvi, red greens, radish, lady’s finger and cauliflower. 7 crore people of 12 states of the country are eating such poisonous vegetables every day.

Every face is withered in village Haldi Chhapra of Patna, the capital of Bihar. The reason for this despair is the poison of arsenic dissolved in the water of the village. Every person of Haldi Chhapra is a victim of this poison. Actually, there is poisonous arsenic in the water here, which is gradually making the people of the village sick. Ghuran Rai of the area says that earlier the body was fine, but gradually it has started turning black. Arvind Rai says that we do not go anywhere because of shame. Don’t open the clothes to know what to say, the body has become discoloured.

Experts say that the havoc of arsenic is more in the areas situated on the banks of river Ganga. The amount of arsenic in the groundwater of about 18 out of 40 districts of Bihar has reached dangerous levels. These include Patna, Bhagalpur, Bhojpur, Buxar, Arrah, Vaishali, Munger, Raghopur, Darbhanga, Saharsa, Samastipur, East Champaran. According to experts, the presence of arsenic in the body increases the risk of skin and gall bladder cancer.

According to the ICAR report, along with drinking water, vegetables grown in arsenic affected areas are also slowly pushing common people towards death. In fact, arsenic and other chemicals dissolved in groundwater are reaching vegetables through irrigation water and then into our bodies through our dinner plates. The information about deadly poison mixed in vegetables has shocked people.

People aware of arsenic poisoning say that the government should take necessary steps in this direction and should ban farming in those areas where the amount of arsenic in groundwater is more than the standard.

It is the effect of increasing pollution that not only arsenic but also many types of chemicals are getting dissolved in water and vegetables, which after reaching our body with food, are making it hollow. Making us sick.

Now let us tell you how arsenic affects the body after reaching it-

Arsenic reaches the body through drinking water and vegetables.

Does not exit the body through feces and urine

Arsenic gradually accumulates in the body

It may take 2-3 years to see the effect of arsenic.

Now let us tell you about the deadly diseases caused by arsenic. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, arsenic can cause lung cancer, bladder cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, kidney cancer, liver cancer, keratosis conjunctivitis, stillbirth, infant death after birth, heart attack, diabetes, kidney disease. Illness, high blood pressure, respiratory disease etc. may occur.

Dr. Piyush Trivedi Ayurveda Medical Incharge Rajasthan Legislative Assembly Jaipur.


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