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Easy way to feed spinach to children, make these 5 easy and tasty dishes instantly

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feed spinach to children

Spinach Recipes For Babies: Spinach is a superfood which is rich in vitamins and minerals. Minerals like iron, magnesium and manganese are found in spinach. Eating it provides Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin K. Feeding spinach to children strengthens their immunity. Many tasty dishes can be made from spinach in winter. However, sometimes children do not like eating spinach. In such a situation, we are telling you how to make 5 very tasty dishes from spinach. Which not only children but also adults will be able to lick.

Make 5 Tasty Dishes from Spinach (Spinach Tasty Recipes)

  1. Spinach Parathas- Spinach parathas are a good dish for children. You can prepare spinach parathas and keep them in school tiffin in winter. Children like parathas very much. To make spinach parathas, first chop the spinach finely. Make parathas by adding some salt to the flour. If you want, you can also grind spinach and mix it in flour. Green colored parathas taste very tasty. Children find these parathas with tomato ketchup very tasty.
  2. Spinach Pakodas- Spinach pakodas are very tasty to eat in winter. Feed home-made pakodas to children instead of chips and fries available in the market. Spinach Pakodas are a healthy and tasty option for evening snacks. For this, chop the spinach finely. Make a solution of gram flour and add spinach to it and add light salt. Fry them like pakodas. Tasty spinach pakodas are ready.
  3. Green Spinach Kebabs- Kebabs are very tasty to eat. Children also like the taste of kebab. You can also make tasty kebabs by mixing spinach and other vegetables. You can also keep this healthy snack in children’s tiffin. To make kebabs, blanch the spinach. For this take hung curd and bread crumbs. Now prepare tasty kebab by mixing all the ingredients.
  4. Paneer and Spinach Momos- Momos are very tasty to eat in winter. Instead of momos available in the market, prepare momos at home with spinach and paneer. Even children can eat them easily. To make Palak Paneer Momos, mix finely chopped spinach and paneer. Now prepare momos from the dough and fill it with spinach stuffing.
  5. Spinach Corn- Spinach Corn curry with roti and paratha tastes very tasty in winters. Children also like Palak Corn. For this, vegetables have to be prepared like Palak Paneer. All you have to do is mix corn instead of cheese. If you want, you can sometimes add cheese or potatoes to it. Children like the taste of potatoes very much. This is also a healthy vegetable.

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