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Earthquakes in Turkey: Airport runway split in two due to earthquake in Turkey

Turkey Massive Earthquake: The powerful earthquake in Turkey and Syria on Monday took the lives of thousands of people. Still the work of removing the dead bodies from the debris is going on. This earthquake caused huge damage to the country’s infrastructure. Dozens of aftershocks came after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

In this earthquake in Turkey’s Hatay province, the only runway at the airport has also been broken and has become completely unusable. A video of the completely destroyed runway has been shared on social media. At present, this runway has been closed for all flights.

After the devastating earthquake of 7.8 magnitude in Turkiye (Turkey), there are screams and cries everywhere. After the severe earthquake, there has been a huge loss of life and property. Hundreds of homes and families have been destroyed. Debris is scattered everywhere. More than 5000 people have lost their lives in Turkey and Syria due to the earthquake. After the major disaster, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced 7 days of national mourning in the country. Relief and rescue work is going on. The death toll is expected to increase further.

Major devastation caused by earthquake in Turkey

In the midst of the devastation caused by the earthquake, a major earthquake has been felt again in Turkey. 5.9 intensity was measured on the Richter scale. This time in Turkey, earthquake tremors have been felt more than 145 times so far. Experts warned that the tremors could continue for days or weeks. The Geological Institute of Denmark said that the tremors were felt as far as Greenland. According to a figure, more than 5600 buildings were destroyed in the severe earthquake and thousands of families became homeless. The death toll is increasing gradually.

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