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Earthquake News: Earthquake in New York after Turkey-Syria, strongest tremors felt in 40 years


Earthquake tremors felt in western New York, said to be the most powerful in 40 years
A magnitude 3.8 earthquake centered east of Buffalo was reported in the suburb of West Seneca at 6:15 a.m.

washington, After a powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake in southern Turkey and northern Syria in the early hours of Monday, this disaster also created an atmosphere of fear in the minds of people in Western New York on Monday. According to a report by news agency AP, strong tremors were felt in western New York, which has been described as the most powerful in 40 years. Although there was no damage to life and property due to these tremors.

The US Geological Survey initially reported a magnitude 3.8 earthquake centered east of Buffalo in the suburb of West Seneca at approximately 6:15 a.m. ET. Seismologist Yareb Altaweel said it was the strongest earthquake in the region in at least 40 years. The tremors lasted for a few seconds, to confirm which people took to social media.

Erie County Executive Mark Polonkarz tweeted that it felt like a car hit my house in Buffalo. I jumped out of bed. County emergency services officials confirmed that the quake was felt within a radius of at least 30 miles, including Niagara Falls, about 20 miles north of Buffalo. At the same time, the Earthquake Canada organization measured the magnitude of the earthquake at 4.2 on the Richter scale. The organization said that the earthquake was felt slightly in southern Ontario.

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