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Due to the negative roles of Gulshan Grover, the family had to listen to people’s words, said- ‘My mother ..

Gulshan Grover On his/her Negative Image: Actor Gulshan Grover was one of the favorite villains of the 90s and his/her popularity used to compete with many heroes. Now Gulshan Grover has talked about his/her career. he/she talked about his/her illustrious career as a villain, but said it had a negative impact on his/her family as well.

Gulshan made many revelations in conversation with Manish Paul. In a podcast, she was asked if her onscreen image ever affected her real life, and that made things uncomfortable for her friends and family. he/she said that initially women felt very uncomfortable interacting with him/her, and for parties at his/her house, he/she would ask if they could bring their friends along. Over time, when audiences began to see what he/she was like in real life, thanks to the internet and television, they stopped thinking of him/her as the real-life villain.

he/she said, “Let me tell you a story about my family. My film Avatar had just released. My late mother used to go to the gurudwara everyday and I used to go with her. One day everyone surrounded him/her outside the gurudwara. They asked him/her, ‘What has happened to your boy? he/she was such a good boy, he/she respected his/her elders, he/she left his/her parents. My mother tried to tell her that I am just an actor, but at that time there was no difference between characters and actors. They asked him/her, ‘Does he/she still talk to you?’ he/she told them that I write to them everyday. There was really a condolence meeting. he/she was very upset. They thought I had lost my way after leaving Delhi.”

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