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Driving a car is not allowed in these places of the world, you have to travel somewhere on foot by boat

Traveling by car is also fun. It is a good way to take long drives and walks around the city. Today it has become a necessity in people’s life. However, living in many big cities, it is difficult to imagine life without a car. But this is the reality of many cities of the world. Yes, there are many such cities in the world, where there is a complete ban on driving a car. Wherever you want to go, people here go by bike, bus, boat or on foot. So let’s know about these places in the world where cars are completely banned.
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Venice, Italy

Venice is the city in Italy where it is not allowed to drive a car. To say that Venice is a very beautiful city. The interesting thing is that there are no roads in this city. Rather it is a city of canals. That’s why people use Gondala for commuting. Let us tell you that a gondola is a kind of boat, in which a person is transported to his destination by sitting. Water buses also ply here.

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Giethoorn, Netherlands – Giethoorn, Netherlands


Giethoorn is a small but quaint village in the Dutch province of Overijssel. Giethoorn does away with the use of cars altogether. Boats are used to go anywhere without sounding the horn. It is really a very quiet city. Here, the loudest sound you can hear is the chirping of ducks or birds.

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Matheran, India – Matheran, India


Matheran is an environment friendly place. You will be surprised to know, but this is the only automobile-free hill station in Asia. Horse riding is used for commuting here. This place is no less than a paradise. There is such a heaven, which is far away from the loud sound of the horn. Here you will not see any vehicle far and wide.

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Mackinac Island, Michigan, USA – Mackinac Island, Michigan, USA


No one is allowed to drive a car in Mackinac Island. The city is still living in contemporary times. People travel here by bicycle and tonga, which are very reminiscent of the ancient American era. In fact, in 1898, the authorities decided to ban cars in view of the safety of the people living here and the horses. The ban remains in place even today and everyone has to abide by it.

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Bald Head Island, North Carolina, USA – Bald Head Island, North Carolina, USA


The large golf course on Bald Head Island and the old-fashioned cottages nestled among pristine beaches are sure to enthrall you. Electric golf carts and bicycles are the main modes of transport here. There is so much peace here that you will hardly see any car while going there. To reach here, you have to take a 2 minute ferry ride. You can tour the island by golf cart, bicycle leaving your vehicle. If you do not have a bicycle of your own, bicycle rentals are available on the island.

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Halibut Cove, Alaska – Halibut Cove, Alaska


Only 90 people live in this place in Alaska. The village of Halibut Cove does not have commuter traffic due to its low population, but people do not drive cars. This is a beautiful car-free village. This is an interesting village where you will find the world’s only floating US Post Office.

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