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Dreaming of going to Thailand, these 5 things can cost less than one lakh

Thailand Trip: Thailand is a favorite destination among Indian tourists. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, the distance from India to Thailand is just 5 hours and secondly, the trip here proves to be a budget trip. Thailand, 2920 km from India, is very famous for its beaches, food and adventure. Despite having a low budget, you will not have to compromise on anything here. Tell that your expenditure will be less than 1 lakh in 5 days. If you are also thinking of going to Thailand, then you can know about the tricks mentioned here. (All photo credit:

Spending holidays in Thailand is economical –

Thailand is a very cheap country to spend holidays in comparison to other countries. Whether it is a honeymoon or a family vacation, you will not be able to spend more than 5 thousand in a day, including food, accommodation and transportation. Although Cambodia and Laos are a bit expensive, yet considering the attractions here, these are very cheap cities for Indians.

How to plan a budget trip to Thailand

How to plan a budget trip to Thailand

If you are looking for a cheap trip, then book your flight tickets for July and August. Hotel and flight charges are very less in this month. If your budget is very tight, then August is the best time to visit here.

Thai Visa for Indians –

Thai Visa for Indians -

Legal visa is required in Thailand before entry. For how long you have stayed and for what work, you should be aware of all these things before coming here.

Get Thailand Travel Insurance –

Get Thailand Travel Insurance -

If you are going on a trip to Thailand, you should make it a priority to buy Thailand travel insurance. Especially if you are visiting Thailand with a fixed budget, it will make your trip simple and enjoyable.

How much will it cost for a 7 day trip?

  • Flying from Kolkata to Bangkok is cheaper than taking flights from Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad. According to a portal, the cheapest month to book flights to Bangkok is July. The cost of one side comes around 9 thousand.
  • There are cheap and expensive hotels and luxury resorts in Thailand. But if your budget is less, then you will get the cheapest hotel here for Rs.2300 per person. If you prefer, you can choose from hostels, home stays or room share with local people.
  • Food is very cheap here. It is a heaven for foodies. If you want to eat cheap and tasty food, then the street food here is very good. You will have to spend only 1500 to 2000 rupees for eating two to three times a day.

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