Monday, March 27th, 2023

Dream house will be built sitting at home! Hippo Stores brought the country’s largest physical store, the app has great features

New Delhi
Technology, a name that has completely changed the way we live and do our day-to-day activities. Whether it is a matter of filling electricity bills, shopping, booking train tickets or booking hotels, now everything is possible with a few clicks sitting at home. India’s building materials industry is huge. But till now this sector, which was away from digital and e-commerce channels, has now gone online. Dalmia Bharat Group has worked to bring together various levels of contractors, retailers and brands in this industry. physical Hippo Store Along with this, the company has also developed an app so that you will be able to fulfill your dream of building your own house sitting at home. we have talked

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hippo store With the help of the company has brought together the customers and the supplier under one roof. That is, like a mall, now you will get every material to build a house at one place. The store is also available online as an app and for this the company has partnered with brands and small retailers across the country. The company says that this will be the first and largest building materials retail store in the country. This store is spread between 50 thousand square feet to 1 lakh square feet. The company has integrated more than 160 brands, more than 100 million categories and more than 250 product lines in this app.

Hippo Stores has utilized the data gathered from around 10,000 independent homes. At the same time, more than 34 thousand retailers of Delhi-NCR have been mapped through Geographic Information System (GIS) technology. The GIS will help Hippo’s sales team to meet the demand of customers in Delhi NCR.

In an interaction with us, Amit Garg, CEO, Hippo Stores, said that the company is strengthening its digital presence along with physical stores. The app is currently in beta phase. But with its coming for common users, people will be able to track apart from ordering building materials. He said that the products present in the physical store will be divided into categories with 3D pictures in the digital catalogue.

The Hippo Stores app will also have site and contractor listings in due course. In this regard, Amit Garg further said that the advantage of ordering through the app will be that people will be able to do real-time project tracking apart from ordering from home. Apart from this, there will be a backend team with whom the customers will be able to communicate to solve any kind of problem. The app will also have proposal templates, calculators and checklists for the contractors.

According to Amit Garg, due to the digital benefit, retailers will not need physical inventory and they will be able to sell products of multiple brands and categories, that is, they will be able to keep different products without just being a paint shop or electrical shop. With this, contractors, designers and architects will be able to meet directly with home owners who need them. He told that through this app even those people who are not very tech savvy will be able to do business.


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